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Pregnancy process


I still can’t believe it, I’ve been doing tests every day thinking I’m loosing my mind it still hasn’t sunk in 😂 anyway, I have got a GP appointment tomorrow, what usually happens? I’m new to all of this so don’t really have a clue where to start other than the GP. What should I expect? Will I have to have bloods or anything done to confirm the pregnancy? When do you first see a midwife? Also when should I tell my manager in work, I’m a nurse? Any advice please let me know thanks girls xx

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Congratulations, In England, you don't normally see the GP at all for pregnancy, you just refer to the midwife and they book you in and arrange your first appointment, blood and scans, so I'm not sure what they do if you see a GP first. Where are you based as it might be different in different places?

tinkerbell971 in reply to Seb9

I’m based in Merseyside. I’m on some medication as I’ve got a few health conditions so that’s why I booked into the GP

Seb9 in reply to tinkerbell971

I think if you've got specific health conditions, that you need to see the GP for it would be specific to your conditions so I'm not sure anyone could tell you what will happen at that appointment.

Your midwife normally does your bloods at your booking in appointment and goes through a health screening process, checks your weight, height and blood pressure and books your scans, so the doctor might not get involved in these items, but mightonly look at your specific health conditions and what you might need to do for a healthy pregnancy.

Best of luck x

tinkerbell971 in reply to Seb9

At how many weeks do you usually have your booking in appointment? Thanks so much xx

Your booking in appointment is normally between 8 and 10 weeks, once you've been referred to the midwives. The nhs website has a great pregnancy journey, it goes from conception right up to baby being here. I used it a lot during my pregnancy.

tinkerbell971 in reply to Seb9

Thanks I will have a look x

Oh my god! Congrats!! I didnt have to see my GP but did have an over the phone appointment to discuss coming off medications the day after I found out, then i saw my midwife for my booking appointment and took it from there! Id tell your manager ASAP especially if you’re working with covid patients xx

tinkerbell971 in reply to cmbxm

Thank you so much! I’m not working with covid patients luckily I’m a children’s nurse but do have the risk of having to go down to X-ray etc, I’m thinking of telling her on Monday but I know she has got a loud mouth and will probably tell people 🙈 xx

cmbxm in reply to tinkerbell971

Legally she can’t tell anyone and you could get her in a lot of trouble if she did, but if you’re around X-rays and what not you’ll have to be kept safe and so will baby xx

Surely you wouldn't be in the room with the kids getting X rayed? I worked in a&e with my first pregnancy and took people to CT scans and worked in resus where there was an X ray machine, but always stood outside when the X ray was done or in the control room. Walls in the X ray dept are lead lined so shouldn't be an issue. I would like your manager asap though so they can do a risk assessment. I've previously told manager at 12 weeks but with last pregnancy I told them at 8 weeks due to covid.

Yeah I do have to be in the room, I will let her know on Monday just to be safe xx

Definitely, if you have to be in the room. Would insist on not doing that and getting someone else. I'm sure plenty of other things you can do!

Congrats tinker bell! I’m also based in Merseyside & am currently 10 weeks pregnant. I’m not sure how close you are to the Liverpool Women’s hospital but the process for me with both this and my previous pregnancy was to call their early pregnancy unit - ideally as soon as possible so that they can book you in to have your booking in apt around 9 weeks (mine is today so closer to 10 weeks). With my previous pregnancy it was in person & they did blood pressure etc but this one is a telephone apt due to COVID (and maybe it’s different because it’s my second baby & I don’t have any complications or health issues). Your GP should advise what happens next and who to contact but if you’re near the women’s I’d suggest you give them a call to get booked in.

0151 247 4747

Good luck!

tinkerbell971 in reply to Sar_83

Congratulations! I’ll see what the GP says this morning then I will give them a ring thank you xx

I saw GP for both my pregnancies due to health conditions, the second pregnancy the GP visit was more important due to complications and loss of child in previous pregnancy because they contacted gyne consultant and it enabled me to start aspirin and pessary from week 5.

Congratulations! If you haven't, contact the local midwife unit so they can book you in. They will ask you about your health conditions and medication as well.

If you want to know more about the first chat with a midwife, let me know. Happy to share, it's all fresh in my mind, had my first one yesterday afternoon! 😊

Congratulations tinkerbell971 . I too have recently found out that I’m expecting. 5 positive tests later and it still has not sunk in!! I am waiting for a call from the midwife re a booking appointment. Feels so hard not telling anyone the news other than my partner! Hope your GP apt goes well :)

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