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NIPT test


Hi can anyone point me in the right direction of a company that offers private NIPT testing, the sonographer gave me a website but it doesn’t have any private clinics on there! I have had a google but nothing that seems legit seems to come up x

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I think spire hospitals do them although it's the more expensive harmony test x

Hey, we went for a private scan at 8 weeks and the place we used does NIPT testing through another company. We went back just after 10 weeks for a 2nd scan, the lady took my bloods at that point and sorted it all out for us. It cost approx £500 (it wasn't Harmony but a similar company) but for me due to a missed miscarriage 4 years ago and a lot of trauma since then, it was the best £500 I ever spent. I hope this helps xx

Our NHS trust offer them (privately) for £250, although I’m aware that’s not that common. Meet your miracle or ultrasound direct offer them, not sure if you have one of those clinics near you? They are about ~£400. I used meet your miracle for my reassurance scan x

Ultrasound direct does them, I didn't use the service when I had my private scan but I know they offer it. I recommend ultrasound direct, they are very professional

Thanks for the replies! I’ve managed to find a private company now that charge £400 I’m shocked the nhs don’t offer this because I’m sure the majority of that is profit for the private companies! I know it sounds harsh but I would like to know before we announce our pregnancy. Fingers crossed xx

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