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Odd question - pregnancy packs?


This is a bit of an odd one but it's been really bugging me. Every time I visit the hospital for a scan or my GP's to see my midwife I see pregnant women carrying a sort of plastic pack/folder thing. They are all the same, A4, with a slider top thing to close them like a food storage bag, they have coloured squares on the back...and I'm just wondering what these are? Am I missing out on an information pack being given out somewhere?

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this for me!

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Hi Kate,

I have one of those it's what my book came in, just holds the book & any bits of paper you get given

katesjj in reply to MsB85

Ah okay thanks! I didn't get anything like that but maybe because I just had to collect my notes at my first scan at the hospital due to covid. Thought I might be missing out of some other info.


We had a shortage so until 16 weeks I had a white envelope, but my midwife got me one eventually, ask her/him for one xx

Woodspenelope in reply to cmbxm

The area I live in no longer give these out, all of my notes and results etc are put onto an app on my phone x


My midwife advised me the other week that the plastic folders are no longer being made and used x

I was not given one as my midwife said they don’t have any due to covid. I personally liked them so I checked online for the company that usually supplies hospitals( it’s a charity ) . I bought for £2 and was delivered to my house.

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