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Brushing first teeth


How do you successfully brush your little ones teeth? My son is 13 months old and has 3 top teeth that have come through well and 2 bottom teeth slowly poking through, but when it comes time to brush his teeth he becomes extremely hysterical! He won't let me near his mouth at all. I am sometimes successful if my husband is here and can cuddle him and calm him down.

Any advice please x

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Try and see if he will do it himself or brush yours at the same time and then tell him you need to check he's done a good job so you can have a brush yourself too. It's very tricky at this age tho, which is why it's important to avoid sugary stuff so less chance of harm. However if you keep persisting it becomes part of the routine at some point.

At that age the only thing we could do to get our daughter to let us brush her teeth was to let her watch the sesame streets tooth brushing video while we did it. Now she is 2 she doesnt watch it at all but at the time it really helped.


Maybe you can try with a chewable toothbrush and let him do it himself. You can add a tiny bit of toothpaste.

I have this one

Not sure if the link will work. It's called brush-baby's chewable toothbrush I think x

NE90 in reply to QT314

Yes the link worked! Thank you so much. I never knew about these! I Will definitely give it a try :) xx

QT314 in reply to NE90

Hope it works. Also adding a toothpaste with a flavour he enjoys might help? Like strawberry rather than mint for example :)

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