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Does my baby have thrush?

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How do I know if my baby has vaginal thrush? I’ve already taken her to docs a few weeks ago as I thought she may have a urine infection or something. She had/has smelly wee and squirms around sometimes & lifts he bum off the floor like she’s uncomfortable. But I was met with quite unhelpful response from docs....they weren’t concerned. But I just feel like there is definitely something wrong and I have noticed she looks a little sore just inside the vulva and has what could potentially be a white discharge but I really just don’t know any more & am sick of the doctors treating me like a paranoid new mum! 🤷‍♀️Has anyone else had these issues?

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It's quite unlikely that they would have vaginal thrush as a baby, unless she's had anti biotics or something that could have affected her flora and she'd likely have other symptoms of that was the case like white flecks in her mouth too or have nappy rash. Could the white you've seen be nappy cream that's collected there?

It's probably not a good idea to be trying to look in her vulva as touching round that area could spread infections to her. I would gentle wash her with cool boiled water for a few days and leave her without a nappy on as much as you can so she can get as much air to the area as possible and avoid giving her a full bath. If you still think there's problem in a few days time then call the doctor again and push for an appointment.

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I don’t use nappy cream that often as she’s mostly in reusable nappies so it’s unlikely to be that. I only noticed it looked sore as I was trying to clean out the poo(she’s 5 months & breastfed it goes everywhere) I also only bath her a couple of times a week anyway. I know other babies who’ve had issues with it so that’s why I thought it could be that.

I feel reluctant to go to the doctor purely because of how they make me feel when I’ve taken her with issues before & they don’t really listen to me & make me feel like I’m wasting their time......when all I’m doing is trying to be responsible & look after her health🤷‍♀️

Thrush can sometimes present like nappy rash and the whole area can be red, and does not usually respond to the usual creams like bepantham or metainium.

My baby sometimes looks a little sore too and a little discharge can look normal. I just make sure I clean down there properly and pop a bit of cream on and it soon looks better.

I've actually even put a bit of canesten on before now and its been fine.

Do pester your gp though if your not happy x

She does sometimes get s bit sore around her bottom but not sure if this is nappy rash or not but it doesn’t happen very often.

I think her squirming around & seeming uncomfortable is what really triggered my concern. I don’t know....perhaps I am just being paranoid or ott....I wish she could talk & tell me what the problem is 🤔

Please it is not normal for an infant to have thrush, do not self diagnose and medicate such ailments.

Thrush in the nappy area is quite common actually due to a babies developing immune system. It's quite often missed by GPs and confused with nappy rash. When I know what something is I shall treat accordingly thank you

You need to have that examined as soon as possible with your GP.

Maybe try to be a little bit kinder rather than dragging someone you don’t know for their parenting. I agree baby should be taken to the GP if there are concerns but your comment is not kind nor helpful in this directive and instead brandishing someone as being a “disgraceful parent” comes across very judgemental.

There is obviously care as parent has said they have been to the doctors and is concerned enough to ask for advice, which many of us seek either from family, friends, or in this case a forum.

Please be kinder.


I wrote on here to get dare you speak to me like that! I won’t be coming on hear again you horrible person....goodbye!

Honestly ignore it! It’s so few and far between on here, just unfortunate you’ve experience it on your post. I don’t feel your request for advice was unnecessary at all and just the same as phoning a friend to ask!

Keep your chin up, you’re obviously incredibly caring otherwise you wouldn’t be fussed in the first place!

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Seb9 in reply to Sunflower28

I've reported the comments to the admin, they're unnecessary, unhelpful and rude, but it seems to be that they're doing this on several posts. This group is normally very kind and supportive, I think as you can see from everyone who has commented in your support xx

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Thank you! I have also reported. Even though I know the comments were unnecessary and not what everyone else are thinking it still hurt & caused me to be sat hear in tears questioning myself as mother and person. I’m very sensitive, anxious & have low confidence. Stuff like this can be incredibly damaging. I hope this person doesn’t upset anyone else! Thank you for your support x x

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I'm so sorry to hear that, its awful to think what some horrid person has written had upset you so much. Please try and ignore them. You've done everything you can do and have asked for advice. How's little one today?

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Hard to say at the moment, she is also suffering with teething quite’s disrupting her sleep a lot x x

Wow, if you care to read the original post properly she has sought professional advice and doctors have been unhelpful. People like to ask on here because others may have had similar experiences and are able to offer great advice, but everyone appreciates its no replacement for proper medical advice.

Your comment is actually quite harmful, especially to a worrying new mum.

None of your posts on this forum have been kind or helpful. They are all judgemental. People are entitled to ask for help. That is the point of this forum, we can’t all be as perfect as you obviously believe you are

Please sunflower28 don't let this comment put you off seeking for help in here.

I just read the comments of this user on her profile and every single one of them is a mean attack to the poster.. .

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Thank you, yes I also looked at all their other posts. I’m glad I reported x x

This whole parenting thing can be so hard sometimes....I’ve taken her to my doctor so many times over the last few months for routine appointments and other concerns only to be met with patronisation & lack of concern. My own doctor actually said “oh sometimes babies cry” *with patronising tone & tilted head* when I mentioned the word colic! When I receive responses like this it makes me feel like I’m overreacting or being paranoid & like I’m wasting everyone’s time! & makes me seriously question my own instincts! And then to be met with comments accusing me of child abuse & neglect.....feels like a lose lose guess would be I’m not the only one though....?

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Seb9 in reply to Sunflower28

I think it's really hard being a first time mum, my little girl is 11 months old and honestly up till now I've not really enjoyed it, I've worried about EVERYTHING (hence the droopy eye appointment) I also took her as I thought I might have misdiagnosed a little cold for something more serious (she didn't even have a temperature) 🙈 my nurse practitioner is always very kind as she shuffles me out the door after declaring baby perfectly fine 😂

It also felt like she cried permanently those first few months, I spent endless nights walking up and down with her just singing to her (a shaddupa your face became a personal fave). Colic is such a stupid term for basically saying babies cry and we're not really sure why! I had a look up about purple crying and that made more sense to me and reading about the 4th trimester. We never even tried gripe water or any of the other old wives tales for colic. It did get better at about 4 months and then again better still at 6 months. Now at 11 months she normally cries because she's tired, hurt herself or I won't let her do something dangerous! But other than that the crying is much much less.and the giggling a lot more.

We definitely put ourselves under a lot of pressure and society makes us think everyone else is having an Instagram perfect time of it. It's even harder because during lock down you don't have other mums to chat too and compare how horrendous they're finding it too, but trust me they are. If you can maybe join a few online groups where you can share your stories. UK breastfeeding is a really lovely group and also the Nappy lady parenting group, full of lovely mums.

I think if you're not worrying as a mum then that's more scary! It's just such a shame that some people come to forums like this just to be cruel and not support each other, they'd never talk to you like that to your face! Xx

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Sunflower28 in reply to Seb9

Oh no....I hope you have enjoyed some bits at least? I know what you mean though. It’s very very draining....physically and mentally...for many different reasons! There are definitely times I have really not enjoyed it at all.

My LO has never actually been that much of a crying baby....I never really realised this until I met or heard about other babies I knew. She went through a stage in the first couple of months of constant whinging & constant wiggling & straining.....she was very gassy and had trapped wind. We tried a few things which helped a little but basically just had to ride it out until her digestion improved. She still gets gassy but not as much and it doesn’t seem to bother her now. I didn’t feel like an anxious mother until my doctor made me feel like I was being ridiculous for bringing up my concerns.....this was at my 6-8 week check🙄(isn’t that what it’s for?). I think I have only met one doctor at my surgery who was really nice & understanding & actually seemed to listen to me. The nurses have also been really lovely. It’s just so difficult to judge wether there is a problem or not.

Lockdown has definitely had a big effect on me & I imagine I’m not the only one. I’m not that great at meeting people & being in groups so was reluctant to join any, I started baby yoga which was ok but then lockdown happened & I have now realised how I would’ve benefited from going to more groups & seeing other new parents having similar struggles. I actually feel quite bitter about having that effectively taken away from me!

Thank you for suggesting those groups & for your support x x

I have also reports comments on here.

canesten cream is not licensed for use for under 16years when bought over the counter.

Failure to seek professional medical assistance for an infant

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Seb9 in reply to Baabaai

Still not learning any tact and diplomacy then? I feel for you that you've clearly lacked support and kindness in your life as you're not able to show any, you poor thing. I hope you can seek the help you need to become a kinder person and heal whatever pain has made you this way much love xx

Aww it must be worrying obviously, but you should check with your Dr.

Could you ask to see another Dr if you don't feel comfortable with that one? Earlier in the year i took my baby to the Dr a few times for a cold he had, like you they made me feel a bit silly. But you know what i didn't care, they should'nt make you feel like that. They checked my baby over properly and put my mind at ease. Your baby is what is important to you and not what they think. You're the mother and you know if somethings not right. Better to be safe and you obviously don't want your darling baby to be in any discomfort.

Take your baby to the Dr again for her sake incase and for your own peace of mind. Thats what Drs are there for so don't stress yourself. You are doing the best you can.

Good luck and i hope your baby is better real soon xx

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