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Hi everyone,

Hope you can help or give me some advice. I am breastfeeding, my daughter is 8 weeks old. I have a family surprise party and I am thinking on having a drink for the celebration, I will be expressing milk and putting it into a bottle fingers crossed she takes to it, I will keep trying before the day arrives. But my question is :

How long should I not breastfeed for after having a drink? and should I express first? I read online you can breastfeed after 2/3hrs. Because it will pass my milk ect; what do you ladies recommend?

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I think this depends on how much you are planning to drink, if its just a couple of drinks yes that should be fine and it will pass through in 2-3 hours if you express the milk out.. a unit of alcohol takes around an hour to leave the bloodstream...but has your lo had a bottle before you may find they dont take to it...i breastfed and at 8 weeks old I wouldnt have wanted to try this incase of confusing things, i had a night out with friends planned when my LO was 10 months old i had given her a bottle of expressed milk a few times before this to get her used to it but wasnt great with it but was ok my hubby managed, i didn't really like expressing though tbh, my boobs on the night out were awful too they got so full and uncomfortable as the night went on i hated it and i didn't do it again but then it didn't bother me not drinking for a while tbh!

It’s only a family occasion. I’ll be taking my expresser pump with me when I get uncomfortable I can do it then. And hopefully most of the alcohol will be leaving my milk whilst I express them. Thankyou for your help :)

Yes good idea as it will get uncomfortable!x

I breastfeed on my first, but I never went out drinking. but this is a family occasion. And I’m hoping to have just a little drink to enjoy with the family :) so I’ll take my pump and keep expressing away lol

Your milk is made from your blood, so babies only get a minute amount of alcohol through it when you're drinking. Say if your blood alcohol level is about 0.08%, your milk would only have about 0.08% alcohol in it. So having a couple of drinks and feeding is fine. So no need to express unless you want too for comfort or if you have lots to drink to the point of being drunk and not safe to look after baby.

I happily have a couple of glasses of wine and still feed baby as long as I'm not unsafe to hold her I'm fine to feed her. I definitely don't get drunk as I couldn't cope with the baby and a hang over!

Make sure to drink lots of water too as alcohol does dehydrate you and make sure not to co sleep after drinking any amounts. Hope you have a lovely time x

Demmarie in reply to Seb9

Thank you so much I appreciate your reply! It helped a lot Xx

There is actually a reasonable amount of evidence that shows if your only drinking reasonably not to excess then it wont appear in your breast milk. They have shown there is no need to pump and dump as was traditionally thought. So only pump if you feel uncomfortable and don't worry to much. One thing I would say is I have never been able to get my daughter to take a bottle and she is now 2. So worth checking before if you haven't that they will take a bottle. I hope you have a nice time.

Thankyou very much, I have 2 weeks to try and get her to accept a bottle :) so we will see how she goes. Thankyou!!

A lot of midwives say that when you feel sober enough timo drive a car you can breastfeed. Having a wee drink and feeding does not harm the baby and some people even say they might sleep better :-P but honestly although I am breastfeeding as well, having your baby accept a bottle does not harm in my eyes. I started to give him a bottle of expressed milk at night (or better said my husband) so that I can sleep. Hope you enjoy your family celebration!

Demmarie in reply to sarahharas

Thank you! Yeah, I’m my opinion I was worried with breastfeeding and drinking. But only a little % goes Into the milk supply. So I’m hoping it will be fine. I will express first few drops and then see how she gets off. Thank you all for your helpful comments ! And I appreciate no negative or horrible reply’s back ♥️


Yes the advice is 2.5hours for 1 unit. Express before so you have milk for your baby, then each 1 unit drink (half pint of beer or 1 small wine) you will need to wait 2.5 hrs to breastfeed again for the alcohol to leave your bloodstream.

Expressing milk after a drink does not get rid of the alcohol as alcohol is in the bloodstream hence 2.5hrs for it to clear 1 unit.

General advice is 1-2 units per week is unlikely to harm breastmilk, but ask your midwife for advice for your own assurance. Enjoy the party!

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