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When did you have your first midwife appointment I’m 7 weeks still no midwife

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When did everyone get a midwife worried I’m high risk and nothing been done been told I would get a call in a few week

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I didn't have my midwife appointment till about 9 weeks, that was pre Covid. I think now they're just doing your booking in appointment over the phone and you're having bloods done at your scans to minimise contact. If you're concerned give them a call, sometimes calls or emails can get misplaced, you've still got plenty of time before you need to see them to arrange your blood and scans.

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Same here- had mine yesterday (booking appointment) and I’m almost 10wks. Going in for blood screening next Friday and have my 12wk scan in 3wks.

I had to self refer and then had these appts made for me so may be worth checking what your local GP recommends

10 weeks but only got the call around 9 weeks (pre COVID- 2 years ago)

I was told I couldn’t book an appointment with the midwife until I was 8 weeks pregnant. I saw my midwife around 9 weeks. But this was in November 2018 before COVID19 not sure of the impact that has had- my daughters vaccinations have been delayed by a few weeks. xxx

It’s usually around 10 weeks. I had to self refer myself to the midwife so it might be worth checking your local hospital maternity services website and see what their procedure is or give your GP a call and they’ll be able to advise you xx

Mine was 8 weeks smack bang at the start of Covid, but I was still able to have a face to face appointment with bloods taken and a urine check too with our local midwife in the health centre, not hospital

Had been told that if I wasn't IVF (they do an initial ultrasound once your test comes back positive at around 8 weeks) I would have to wait for first scan etc around week 11-13. So, following up with the midwife team via phone and/or GP as needed if you are concerned sounds like a good plan.

I had my first at 11 weeks, second at 17 and have a third today at 25, only the first was in person. I honestly don't think they do anything much at all until 28 weeks with covid and so on. That first one is important but perhaps anytime before 12 weeks for it is fine. I was worried too so I get how you're feeling.

Once you've had your first, you get all the phone numbers so you can contact them if you need to.

Good luck

9+ weeks on Sunday via a Zoom call! Have you completed an online referral on the NHS website? I had been contacted about 3 weeks ago to book in the Zoom call and a few days after received a letter in the mail with a booked ultrasound at the hospital for 12weeks.

I'm 7 weeks along today. I was concerned as I had a phone appointment booked (via my GP) with the midwife at just after 10 weeks. I called back to my GP to check and they couldn't find any record of any appointment! They now have scheduled for the midwife to call me at 8 weeks but said there's no definite day and it might be more like week 9 cos of Covid. Then they'll book in the scan etc. They also gave me the direct number for the community midwife so I can call them if I don't hear for any reason.

I'm super anxious and cos of bad previous experiences don't enjoy bothering the doctors surgery but I'm so glad I did!

I was worried cos I read on the NHS website that every woman in the UK is offered a screening for thalassaemia which should be done before 10 weeks. This is my first pregnancy and I think it can all be overwhelming in Covid cos you can't just ask questions face-to-face early on. Just trying to trawl through all the info online and see what's relevant!

Good luck in you pregnancy, and congrats!

My first NHS appt isn’t until week 9 (23 July) and it’s over the phone. I’m currently week 6. I’ve booked a private scan for 7 weeks to check everything is okay. My first NHS scan is week 13. Might be worth getting a private scan if you’re worried. Xx

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I’ve got a private scan booked at 8 weeks but I’m worried about my blood pressure I’m usually high risk

My midwife told me I’d be seen between 8 and 10 weeks xx

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Was that during covid? Or pre-covid?

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During, I called them last week and they said it would be between 8&10 weeks, would be over the phone but they’re hoping restrictions are going to lift so I can have a face to face appointment xx

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Thing is we usually have our bloods done at appointments so if it’s over phone when do we have our bloods done

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They also check urine and confirm the pregnancy at the first appointment, I’m dead scared this is all a mistake, my GP says I’m 100% pregnant but I’m scared I’m not going to find out til I think I’m 12 weeks as stupid as that sounds xx

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They are doing bloods at the hospital alongside your 12 week scan at the moment due to Covid x

I’m 6 weeks now, referral to the midwife was sent on Monday and I’ve been told they’ll contact me in the next week to book my first appointment but reading all of these replies it looks like this will be over the phone. This is my first pregnancy so I’m quite anxious that I potentially won’t see anyone in person until my 12 week scan. My GP has said they don’t need to see me either unless there’s a problem. I thought we would have urine/ blood tests prior to this. Feel like I can’t fully enjoy being pregnant at the minute with all of the anxiety! X

I had my first midwife app over phone when I was 6 week and 2 days and im having my blood test one done when im 8 weeks and 4 days :)

Hi, I didn’t get mine until I was 12 weeks and my scan was around 13 weeks.

Mine was pre Covid but fell around Christmas/new year time which I think caused delays. Hopefully you won’t have to wait that long! X

You’ve got me all worried now I’ll have to ring midwife

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