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Awful Pregnancy Symptoms

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Anyone else having a really rough go of pregnancy? This is my first time pregnant, and I am 9 weeks +2, and honestly for the last 3 weeks my nausea and indigestion have been awful. I've barely been able to eat or drink, and I feel sick 24/7. It doesn't come in waves - it's constant. I can barely bring myself to even speak most of the time and have no energy to do absolutely anything. I had to have an IV drip last week because of dehydration from the nausea, and am on Cyclizine three times a day to help with the nausea but it isn't doing much.

I've done all the suggestions - small snacks constantly, ginger ale, lemon water, sucking on ice chips - nothing is helping!

I know I should be so excited and happy right now, but I can't manage anything other than misery and sickness.

Please tell me I'm not alone in this and that it will get better...

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Fingers crossed it gets better for you soon, once the placenta takes over the work and your hormones settle you will hopefully feel much better.

You're definitely allowed to not enjoy this part, you can be thrilled about having a baby and still be miserable at how awful you feel. When you're pregnant you're allowed to feel anything you like and at anytime you like. It's bloody hard lonely work growing a baby, no one can share with you how rough you feel or take some of the load off for a bit, it's a bloody amazing thing your body is doing but it's not easy.

Sending lots of love xx

You are not alone. I feel exactly the same way. First time too and i am 8weeks. I have constant headache, sick 24/7. I have barely been able to eat anything too and when I eat or drink in bits. It does not stay down for more than 5 minutes. I feel dizzy when I stand up and the walls of my empty stomach. I really hope that it will get better soon.

I'm really glad someone said this. I'm 6 weeks along and have had constant strong nausea since week 5 and now regular vomiting. I've spent the last few days in bed and have been feeling so miserable and guilty that I can't seem to cope like everyone else. All I can do atm is try to make the vomiting more comfortable.

Sorry this isn't any use but thank you for making me feel less alone.

I spent most my pregnancy in hospital on IV meds and fluids. Even ended up with IV potassium. If it gets bad never hesitate to get checked. Hyperemesis is awful x

Firstly congratulations but also, please don’t think you’re alone! It’s my first pregnancy too and Im now at 31 weeks and until at least around week 13 I felt exactly how you did. The Cyclizine didn’t do much for me at all. A couple of things which helped with my energy levels so I could at least speak and engage with people at home was drinking Lucozade Sport, I’d take small sips through the day and it would help. You could also try toasted white bread, as that would sometimes stay down for me. Weirdly, sometimes, eating a cardamom seed would also take away the nausea so that I could try and eat something. Pregnancy has surprised me to say the least!

You’re totally allowed to feel like this so don’t ever feel guilty that you do! Just keep in your mind that it will get better and that you’re not alone in this.

Lots of love xx

This was me whils pregnant. Well for the first 22 weeks. I could not eat meat, veg or fruit as the thought/smell of it would make me puke. The smell inside my car, the smell in certain corridoors at work, the sight of white nursery funiture (yes really!) all made me puke too. If I even thought about ham or saw the word ‘Ham’ I would heave. I lived off cornflakes and ice cold milk, (I had to turn my fridge temp down),plain pasta with grated cheese on, sparkling spring water (tap water made me sick) and sour cola lances from tesco. I lost nearly 2 stone. It was not fun at all. Surpirisingly the baby was healthy when born!

I got to the stage where when someone mentioned they/their friend/their cleaners’ daughters’ dog walkers neighbour had ginger and that helped, I had to walk away to keep myself from actually punching them.

Eat what you can when you can and it will be OK. It’s crazy what the hormones do to you! None of the meds helped me, just made me feel like a zombie. The only thing that helped a bit was gaviscon double action, all the time!

Around 23 weeks I could eat better but there were still things I couldn’t eat or drink. Then I started making up for the lost weeks.

Good luck!

I am currently 22 weeks. It’s my first pregnancy I stated feeling exactly like that at 7 weeks and it lasted all the way up till 19 weeks . I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum (Severe nausea). I know you don’t want to eat or even drink but stay hydrated it’s more important than eating right now . Also, make sure you get some prenatal vitamins that are easy on the stomach. I know they’re telling you all the tips to eat but it doesn’t work and it’s not going to work just eat small when you can . Prayers for Safe pregnancy

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im 10 + 4 weeks and it went for a few days last week and now its 100% worse. i’ve been feeling sick (only puked a few times) all day every day, anti sickness didnt help me. i would just say find something that you can stomach and stick to it.

Hi, I am not pregnant, have never been, so I have not tested this myself, but I read that a lack of magnesium could be a cause of worsening of morning sickness in pregnancy. Basically when pregnant we excrete more of it and we might be deficient without knowing it. The link between the two is not yet understood - so do take this with a pinch of salt, maybe ask your GP, or Google it to have a feel for it. I'd actually be keen to find out if other people know if this is true or not. Best wishes to you, must be hard, I sympathize!

I totally understand what you are going through I'm 16 weeks now it gets better. Just hang on there for sometime I'm sure the nausea and vomitting will subside it does come once in a while but it's a lot better. I feel sick and vomit every morning when I wake up and go to brush but later on the day goes much better.

I would suggest do not stay hungry for long as it makes you feel more nauseous . Eat small meals even if it means you will vomit it out. I know its hard but just try.

Hope you feel better soon

Take care dear


I wish I could give you hope! I'm nearly 15 weeks and although beaming with happiness that we finally got pregnant... The nausea and vomiting has yet to subside. I've tried all the above...

ginger tea and ginger cookies have helped me. Also super cold drinks.

Every day I pray the nausea disappears. I pray it won't last much longer for you either!

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