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Early pregnancy signs without ever having periods - positive test?

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I have been taking the cerelle pill for ages and haven’t had a period in over 6 or 7 years now. My boobs have been really sore the last few days and last night and tonight I’ve felt sick. I’ve also had sharp period like cramps on and off and my coffee didn’t taste right this morning.

It was all a bit odd so I took a test and I feel like I can see a faint line. However I wouldn’t know how far I’d be and if it’s even possible to have symptoms already. I feel like I’m super aware of them now.

Has anyone been in a similar situation not knowing their cycle? Also do you see a line?

My partner and I have been together for 5 years now but only want kids in 2-3 years. So this comes as a shock.

6 Replies
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It's not a great photo but I don't see a line. Do you have any better shots? It's very dark

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Sunshine1902 in reply to Seb9

I do I just don’t know how to upload it here 🙈

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I see the faint line, maybe take another test to double check but I’m know I can see the line I zoomed in on the picture, I caught with my daughter in the pill

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Sunshine1902 in reply to Hypo20061

I have ordered some more sensitive tests that should arrive today so I will see what they say. I have been taking it for years so surprised it would randomly not work anymore.. we’ll see I guess. Thanks!

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A year ago I had a few early symptoms, such as feeling sick, a few food smells put me off, I did a test and mine came up like this the most faint line you could just about see, I kept it but thought it was a false! Did one the day after and it came up more clear, did a clear blue 1 after that and turns out I was 2-3 weeks pregnant! Here I am now with a beautiful 4 month baby boy! I honestly think you’re pregnant, hope all goes well for you!!!

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Sunshine1902 in reply to Cmbeardx

Thanks for sharing! I’m very confused as I feel like I see a line and then I look again and don’t. However i have felt so off lately it would explain why. I’m currently waiting for more sensitive tests to be delivered and I will keep checking over the next few days. I’m preparing myself for it to be positive but would still have to face the big task of telling my partner. He’s definitely not ready to have kids right now so we’ll see how that goes.. 🙈 Thank you!

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