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Will labour start now?

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I lost my mucus plug this afternoon, which was a bit of a surprise as at my midwife appointment earlier in the day she said baby's head is still quite high. Wondering how long after losing the plug have people started to go in to labour? I'm 36 weeks 5 days 😬

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It was 2/3 days for me but I read it can be a few weeks or more x

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I really hope it's not that long! I'm so ready now x

oooh, so excited for you!!! although I was losing mine bit by bit for a few days at over 40 weeks and labour never started, even after waters broke and induction several times - ended up being a c-section but nothing traumatic. I'll be looking out for your updates, but it might be a while yet xxx

It's very exciting but still feels like I've no idea what's happening 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ Could be something, could be nothing. Have to wait and see I suppose!

I havnt experienced this myself yet but my friend lost her plug 10 days ago at 36 weeks +6 and is sadly still waiting. As you are before 37 weeks they may want you to have an injection as she had to. I’m not entirely sure what it is for but think it was to do with preventing infection. Apparently they don’t bother to do it if you lose your plug after 37 weeks. Hope your little one doesn’t keep you waiting too long. Maybe ring your midwife to let her know x

How exciting!! Will be keeping an eye out for updates lovely x x x

I lost mine at about 38 weeks baby was engaged but it took sweep at 40w2d to get the labor start

I kept loosing mine from about 34 weeks but the morning my waters broke I noticed a difference it was thicker and a lot more of it, my waters broke that evening at 38+2 and I had my baby 2 days later! X

Thanks everyone, nothing happening since so maybe it's just nothing 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Both my labours started as soon as I lost my plug ( within an hour!) Do contact maternity department to get checked over ( just to be really safe) xxx

Rang the midwife and she said no need to do anything unless contractions start or my waters go. So the waiting game continues!

I went into labour the same day as losing my plug, but it can take several days I hear! Good luck! X

Oooh exciting! Hope things get moving soon for you. I’m 38w no sign of anything happening here yet. And I don’t finish work until the end of next week 🙈. Will be looking out for your updates in due course 👍

Feel excited for you, hopefully won't be too long for you. I'm 9 weeks behind you (eeeekkkk) Will look forward to an update xx

That's exciting!! Yey😃 good luck with everything, looking forward to seeing your update soon xxxx

Nothing much happening now, still losing mucus and have an achey back but no contractions or anything 🤷🏽‍♀️

Any contractions yet? x x

What happened? This is happening to me so am curious 😊

I continued to lose my plug for about a week after this and had a sweep at 38 weeks, then induction of labour. Best of luck lovely x

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