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36 week growth scan

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Hi guys,

Had growth scan number 3 today and baby is still measuring off the charts with how big his belly is! But again, no plans in place! I understand he’s healthy and did try to say to them today I have bad anxiety and I’m just worried seen as he’s already measuring 7 pound 13! Was due to see my consultant today but she’s on holiday so saw the midwife. Have to go back tomorrow as we have a trial in our hospital at the min called the big baby trial where they might delivery you 2 weeks earlier and record the outcome for mum and baby.

Am I just being overly sensitive that I feel none of them are bothered about how far ahead he’s measuring?! I just keep thinking about complications etc and it’s not helping my anxiety at all. Was hoping to be further forward by this appointment.

Thanks guys xxx

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My LG was measuring big all the way through, her belly was off the graph aswell. I was under consultant and they said the safest way too deliver this baby safely is too have a c section, it was either that or me tearing or baby getting stuck.

At 36+5 she was estimated 8lb1, she was born via c section at 39+5 8lb 8. We was told too expect a very big baby 10-12lb, so I found that 8lb8 was tiny, yes she belly was very round, she looked like a pear shape body, but as for being a big baby, they got that wrong. x

When did they say the safest way was a c-section to you? I’m due back in tomorrow to see about this clinical trial but not due to see my consultant until 38weeks as she’s off! So I’m getting a bit twitchy and just want to know an outcome! Just feel fobbed off all the time because he’s healthy! Which I am super happy he’s so healthy but it’s not helping my anxiety at all x

At my 36+5 week scan, they was talking about inducing me, but due to the weight on my last scan, that’s when the final decision was made.

Have they not got you too see another consultant, I never saw the same one x

See I thought at this 36 week app they’d have a plan by now as it’s not long to go but I was meant to be reviewed by another consultant after today but they’ve asked me to go back tomorrow and talk about this trial and then just booked me in with my normal consultant and another scan in 2 weeks time! Just feel a bit left to worry. When did you have your last growth scan? Sounds like they were really on the ball with you! Xx

My last scan was at 36+5, yes they were very good and I felt really looked after. I know someone who was in the same situation as me, baby measuring big, growth scans, consultant but they never offered her c section, she gave birth naturally to nearly a 9lb baby but had 3rd degree tear.

I’m only small and they said because the size of me was another thing they were worried about aswell.

Looking back on it, I could of gave birth naturally as she wasn’t big at all, but looking at the size of her belly, I would definitely of torn x

I’m hoping when I go in today I get more answers as I’m on edge now! Ahh your poor friend😩, I was reading all sorts of things about tears etc and I’m only petite too which is what they’ve said to me every time I’ve been seen by someone but still don’t feel like anyone is taking it seriously! Really wish my consultant wasn’t on holiday because she is so good with me I think we’d have something in place by now! Xxx

No further forward after today’s app! Had some hope with the clinical trial but nope I ended up being one of the ones randomised who they wouldn’t induced! So back to waiting another 2 weeks with no answers of anything 😩xxx

Ah bless you, try not too worry and stress too much. Everything will be okay, if they were concerned I’m sure they would have a plan in place. Can you not speak your midwife? x

Trying to keep calm now until my 38 week appointment! My midwife just tells me to talk to my consultant about things like that so it hasn’t really helped much but me and my husband have had a good old chat and he’s tried to calm me, don’t think these end of pregnancy hormones help the anxiety haha! Will let you know how the app goes in 2 weeks🤞🏼Xx

That’s good, that you have had a good chat. Oh my yes, the hormones aren’t good, I found mine were worst once my LG was born, I was an emotional wreck for about 6 weeks, but once I had a good cry, I felt much better.

If you ever need a chat, then this group is brilliant, or you can always private message xx

I know he’s managed to calm me down haha. And OMG really?! I know I’m totally dreading my hormones after because they are so imbalanced anyway naturally so god help my hubby then🙈.

Aw Thankyou so much! I will deffo message you and keep you updated. Thankyou so much for being so lovely xx

Is it just the belly? I don’t know if you remember me from fertility network but my baby was measuring ahead/big on every scan but when she was born (at 38+6) she was only 7lb 6oz! Let’s just say they got it very wrong in our case and I was having regular growth scans xx

Yes I do hello again😁! Yeah his head and thigh bone are only measuring slightly ahead but his belly is measuring so big! And omg that’s such a relief! I think it’s not helpful that some of the midwives keep making a big deal of how big he is but then say that the doctors aren’t going to do anything about it yet. I know it’s safer for him in there for the next 2 weeks id just like a bit of a plan in place just incase he is going to be as big as they think 🙈! I can’t remember, did you go into labour naturally or did they bring you forward?! Xx

They were going to induce me a week early, one of the reasons (among many) was baby’s size and my pelvic girdle pain 🤦🏻‍♀️ But I had a failed sweep on the Tuesday, was in hospital all day as baby’s heart rate was fast then the same thing happened on the Thursday, failed sweep and high heart rate all day. They were going to induce me the next day (original plan) but I ended up with emergency c section that Thursday night. Turns out I was having regular contractions every 10 minutes but my cervix was closed and nothing was progressing..

Honestly, after how wrong they got Mary’s predicted birth weight I’d take the measurements with a pinch of salt xx

Ahh I see bless you! I’ve had to be in a few times due to babies heart rate being too high like he’s partying in there. At least they got her out and she was healthy! I’ve also had pelvic girdle pain so bad too, been signed off work since 28 weeks with early contractions and pelvic girdle! Not the nicest, I think because I’ve had a rough pregnancy too and in and out of hospital I’d just feel better knowing okay if plan A doesn’t work we have an B and baby will be safe etc. No matter how hard it’s been tho I would do it all over again for my little man, just want to keep him as safe as possible but totally agree with you that sizing could be wrong 🤞🏼Xx

Well good luck xx

My boy's abdomen measurements were "off the charts". He came out on his due date 9lb, long and slim, perfectly healthy. Personally I wouldn't want to deliver 2 weeks early if the only reason is that baby just might be big. That's 2 weeks less time for babies brainstem and lungs to mature in the safety of your womb.

It is really common these days for babies to measure big, that's probably why they don't seem bothered.

At least he came out 9lb which isn’t a crazy size, that’s a lovely size! It’s just the uncertainty of everything, id rather have not known he was measuring larger. Also it’s not only because he’d be big, that’s not why they offer it, it’s the complications that come with having a larger baby, some women are fine and others have babies with shoulder dysplasia, broken collar bones from assisted labour as they can get stuck, brain damage from lack of oxygen if they get stuck etc. They are trying to reduce those risks for mothers expecting larger babies as it’s a lot higher risk for those. That’s also why they don’t do it before 38 weeks because the baby is safer in the womb as long as possible.

Some of the midwifes I’ve seen have flapped at how big he’s measuring and some haven’t which is fine, id just like there to be a plan in place for his safety more than anything.

I have heard of those complications, but I've never actually met anyone whose experienced them; they do sound very scary though. It's all a balancing act really, I would ask about possibly leaving it until 39 weeks? Even though for decades people have been told that anything after 37 weeks is fine for delivery, a lot of newer research has shown that delivering a baby before 39 weeks puts them at higher risk for a range of health and developmental issues.

But of course that's up to you and your doctors, I hope you get all the support you need.

I know that’s the only thing it’s the risks and it’s taken me 3 years to get him and I’m already super protective already just want him safe either way, keep calling him my little dumpling haha☺️. And yes that’s what the midwife said today, that probably my consultant will see me at 38 weeks and book me in during week 39 for induction for the safest option. She also said that with this trial they get intouch with you afterwards to check on the babies health etc to see if having them 2 weeks earlier gives them more health problems etc. Does sound interesting this trial, altho I’ve been picked to be left as close to my due date she said if there was any complications my consultant wasn’t happy about closer to due date they wouldn’t just leave me they’d do the safest thing.

Thanks so much for your advice hoping to find out more soon🤞🏼.

Hi! I’m not sure I’m going to help with your anxiety here but my little boy was measuring big and he was big. He was predicted at 8lb 3oz at my 36 week scan and he came out at 10lb 4. Safe to say my body couldn’t cope with the delivery of such a large baby and he got stuck. All was well in the end after some assistance and a week stay in neonatal due to my little boy having an infection and low oxygen levels as a result of the birth.

Fast forward 3 years and I’ve just had my second little boy and for this one, I pushed for an induction at 38 weeks. He was born 2 weeks ago now at 8lb 2 so had they have left me again (which they wanted to), he would’ve also been pretty big. My midwives are very similar to yours, very relaxed about everything and didn’t think I needed to be induced. I pushed to see a consultant at 37+6 and she offered me an induction the following day as she said it’s not worth the anxiety levels and baby would’ve been classed as full term anyway. It was the best decision for us. Try not to worry yet as it’s easy for the consultants to get you booked in very quickly.

So many people say ‘I was told I was having a big baby and they came out at 7lb’ - yes, that is the case for some people but there are always people (like me) who will have a big baby and the measurements are correct.

Can I ask which hospital you’re at as my hospital are also running a big baby trial and I have details of a consultant midwife who was amazing at sorting everything out for me due to my worries. If we’re at the same place I can pass these details over to you. She was a fantastic support.

I really hope you get some answers as I was in exactly the same position as you and I know how anxious it can make you feel. Wishing you lots of luck with the delivery xx

Omg don’t worry it’s so nice to hear your story and that I’m not alone! Was the consultant good with you when you went to see them? Mine has been lovely so far with my anxiety, she’s just been on holiday for weeks so I was gutted I couldn’t see her for my 36 week appointment.

My baby is estimated about 10lb+ by his due date which scares me and if you saw me and the size of my bump, we can tell he’s not going to be little🙈.

I’m at Darlington Memorial Hospital🤞🏼, would be lovely to get intouch with someone if it’s the same hospital as yourself🤞🏼.

Thankyou so much for being so kind and sharing your story, I’ll keep you updated! I hope they take me seriously at my next appointment because of all the risks that come with a big baby I just want him here safe xx

I was measuring off charts but it was up and down and looked like growth tailed off at 39 week scan, she was measuring 8lb 3 so they induced me at 39 + 2, I had her with help of forceps at 39 + 3 and she was 9lb 6, I asked about a c section before agreeing to be induced but as there was no medical reason and she didn’t seem as big they basically said no, I would have been better with the section so I would make sure they understand your concerns and take them seriously.

Thanks so much! I’m totally going to let them know my concerns, on the chart that they do his weight is increasing a lot each time is doesn’t seem to be steady away. At least the induced I’m scared they are going to say no and leave me to struggle but bless you for having to go through that labour bet it was scary for you! Thanks for sharing your story I’ll deffo make sure I say something about my concerns when I see my consultant x

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I don’t think you are being over sensitive. I was very worried about having a big baby as my daughter was on the 75% chart always measuring above average 😬 & my hubbys family have lots of ten pound babies 😬 the consultant didn’t want me to go over my due date but was convinced I wouldn’t as her head was so engaged but the little madam turned out 4 days overdue 😆Although she was on the 75% chart she only weighed 8lbs 14oz which wasn’t as horrendous weight as I had feared!!!

It’s great baby is doing so well & if you can go full term do as baby will be fully developed 😊

You should have another scan at 38 weeks & hopefully will see your consultant & see what she feels is best for you both.

Good luck keep us posted xxx

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Thanks so much I was so worried I was being overly sensitive but the midwife worked out baby boys percentile and it was 99.7, I’m sure! Because she couldn’t believe it!

Ahh 8lb to 9lb is a lovely size I think, that wouldn’t bother me at all it’s such a healthy size and I know they can get it wrong but it’s still such a scary thing, I’d rather have not know 🙈haha! Will deffo keep you updated after my 38 week scan lovely! Thanks again xxx

They often get growth scans wrong I wouldn't worry too much! At 35 weeks my little girl was measuring 6lb 8oz and had a big head apparently she was born at 37+6 weighing 5lb 2oz and her head fit in my hand xx

Just hoping they have it wrong as by my due date he’s estimated to be over 10lb if he continues to grow how he has🙈!! That’s crazy how far they were out with your little lady isn’t it! 😯xx

Surly they will induce you if hes estimated to be so big? Maybe ask them. I know the midwives said they couldn't believe how wrong they were she's thriving now though 19lb 4oz at 6 months old xx

I have to wait to see my consultant at 38 weeks which is fine by me but just think they’ve kicked up a fuss of how big he’s estimated and then just kind of left me to it and that’s why I’m panicking 🤣🙈! And that is insane, did you prep and buy bigger clothes too? We’ve bought a mixture just incase he is smaller than they say!

Aw lovely glad to hear she’s doing well 💖 xx

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