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Help with blood test result numbers?

Hi everyone

The nurse just called me with my blood test results at 5 weeks. She gave me a bunch of numbers and said they seemed high (good) but I have no idea what the numbers were for or what they should be?

Could anyone shed some light?

She said 3000?

And 75?

Thank you xxx

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The 3000 is probably your HSG level, anything over 100 is considered good at 4 weeks pregnant and it doubles every 24-48hrs so for 5 weeks that does sound good 😊 Not sure about the 75, perhaps progesterone level 🤔 x

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Could possibly be hcg levels. The 3000 could be what they are now the 75 could be possibly what they started at xx

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Thanks ladies xxx


Call them and ask for an explanation. The numbers will be on your file. If you already have your notes folder you get at the booking appointment it should be written in there. It can be hard at the time because everything happens so quickly it is a lot to take in, but it is totally ok to ask what they are testing for, why and what the results mean, what the range or normal is etc. The more informed you are the better choices you can make and sometimes it can relieve some of the worries of being pregnant. Sounds like it is ok so far. If there was a problem they would have flagged it up. Congratulations! I hope it goes well.


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