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Cow and gate colic and constipation comfort formula

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My little one has been on sma pro since birth, but from around 2-3 weeks old began getting very gripy, crying, putting his legs up to his bum etc. So I put it down to colic and slight constipation, even though he does poo every other day (but he struggles and is in pain when doing it). I have tried anti colic bottles, infacol, gaviscon, colief, boiled water, sugar water and gripe water. Nothing seems to solve the gripes in his tummy.

I have purchased a comfort milk being cow and gate, could I have some reviews on this product please.

Any other suggestions/advice would be appreciated 😊


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My baby girl had colic problems ...really bad . Evenings was the worst one she was constantly crying for few hours....ones she cry for over 4 h so we decided to go on emergency. Thank god we did . There was a doctor she was asian she being working before in Canada and Italy and she give us very good advice how to help my little one. In Italy specially they recommend new mum to give to the baby’s probiotics....specially the one who had c section. She show us what exactly we need to buy ...Bio Gaia little bottle with cost around £15 ....but I swear when my little one turn 2months everything stop ....colics , pain and crying for hours.... If a wasn’t for that doctor my baby will suffer for much longer. Sma I start giving when she turn 4 months ...she didn’t want anything ales and I bought every single one to try . I know u wrote u try everything...but don’t giving up on Colief yet but try the probiotic. If he is in pain lay him pillow on his tummy and massage him back or pick him up lay him on your arm on tummy that he can relax and just smooth his back walking around . The probiotic is 5 drops a day to put in milk it cost but is worth every penny hun xx

Thank you 😊 that is one thing I haven’t tried yet. I shall give this milk a go and get the probiotic drops! Will try anything, horrible seeing them struggle 😩

I wouldn’t change milk yet hun . Go to amazon and search for BioGaia probiotic for baby’s . We order from there. Keep giving the colief and only once a day 5 drops of probiotic shake well before . Don’t miss a day . This probiotic is specially designed for baby’s .

probiotic biogaia from

BioGaia's probiotic products are recommended by pediatricians and HCP's and clinically tested in colic, diarrhea, constipation. Seeing little one in pain is something that no parent what to experience hun . I truly and highly recommend base on my baby. Xx

I switched the milk last night and noticed a change on how he drank it. No spills and drank it slower and much calmer. He has just cleared his bowels and seems happy. I will definitely be trying the probiotics aswell though. Thanks x

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What milk was you using and what milk are you on now? x

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Leaandfrank19 in reply to Annh17

We used sma pro and have now switched to cow and gate colic and constipation formula. First day on it no problems so far still using colief with it x

My LG is the same, she’s been having my milk during the day and formula of a night time, struggles going to a poo, crying and struggling. Even though she will poo every day, might be just once and you can see how much she’s struggling.

But the last 2 days every nappy has had a poo in also started too be sick on the formula.

I’m going too be looking into a different formula and see if that makes a difference, have been using actamil

Some babies just can’t handle breaking down the cows milk proteins so comfort will help as it’s been partially broken down for them, there is a SMA HA (hypoallergenic) milk which is broken down further again and even easier to digest (can only get it at boots though). My daughter couldn’t tolerate either so we are now on prescription extensively hydrolysed milk which you can’t get over the counter. I’m a member of a group for children with cows milk intolerance and the Bio Gaia drops mentioned above get lots of positive reviews so could well be worth a try. I think a lot of things are trial and error but I certainly don’t agree with Drs and midwives etc just diagnosing ‘a colicky baby’, something must be bothering them. Hope the new milk works well for you x

First day on the milk he hasn’t had any gripes as of yet and by now we would of been in meltdown! 😩 he also managed to go this morning so 🤞this is the milk for frank. Thanks for your advice ladies x

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