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My pregnancy symptoms stops at 6 weeks

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I feel sick around 4.5_5weeks but around week six my symptoms all gone. The only thing I feel is fatigue and back pain. Is this normal? Please help I'm so worried.

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Your symptoms will come and go. It's perfectly normal. You'll probably find they're back by week 7 with a whole lot more!!

As long as you have no bleeding or severe cramping, try not to worry.

I had barely any symtoms with this pregnancy and was worried it wasn't real. Then I think since week 8 I've just had constant nausea and it's the worst so enjoy the symtomlessness while it lasts :)

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Thank u I'm so worried because last time I miscarried at 11 weeks while the baby measures 9 weeks

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Sorry to hear that. Of course that's going to cause you to worry more. Try not to.

Wishing you a healthy 9 months!

By my last period date I must be behind the due date, but at 12w scan they moved it 8 days forward, which means that I got pregnant straight after my period and not in the middle of my cycle.

Maybe you ovulated late...

It is normal that symptoms can go and come back. If anything would happen so early you would most likely start bleeding so it all is ok that’s a good sign. As I know from experience how anxious you must feel I would recommend to go for privite reassurance scan, over 6 weeks they can confirm thy pregnancy is located in the right place and sometimes confirm heartbeat.

Hi Prettiest,

So sorry to hear about your past mc, I can't imagine what that must have been like.

Regarding your question, the same thing happened to me. At 4.5 weeks I was very bloated and I felt lots of stuff going on in my belly every evening (probably just because I was so bloated!) Those symptoms somehow reassured me that stuff was happening in my body because I was pregnant, or that's what I read into it. From week 6 also nothing, no symptoms and I had the same exact worry: does that mean that nothing is happening anymore? I went for a private early scan last week and everything was going well. There is a baby in there and it has a strong heart beat so not having symptoms is just a blessing, it doesn't mean anything. I'm 8 weeks pregnant now and the only symptom I have is that my breasts are really sore, nothing else.

I also worry a lot, and I highly recommend to go for an early scan if you can so you have peace of mind, at least temporarily.

I wish you all the best with your pregnancy.

Thank you guys. I will have scan after 3 days. I hope everything will be fine.

Thank u all for your support .these 3 days are the longest days ever, I was praying to God to make every thing fine. Long story short, there is a strong heart beat and measuring exactly 7w and 2days.

Sorry for the MC... must be always on your mind, but try to think positive!

I am 17w pregnant & still terrible morning sickness 😭 I wish my symptoms would go away!!!

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