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Did your membrane sweep work?


Hi ladies!

38 weeks today so the countdown really is on. I'm completely fed up now with all the aches/pains/inability to do anything and just want my baby girl here :(

Saw my midwife today and I'm booked in for a growth scan next Tuesday (39+4) and she said they should give me a membrane sweep if I ask for it. Then booked in for another few appointments after my due date for sweeps too.

Just looking for other peoples experiences with their sweeps and if they think they worked etc?

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I had one at 39 and 40 weeks but it didn't work for me unfortunately. X

They didn’t work for me in the end but they gave me hope at the time. Worth a try!

Mine worked. Was 40+4 did have membrane sweep and few hours after (6-7) started contraction. My son was born next day, worked for me. Good luck😀

Mine worked 40+6. Next morning I went into labour. They will let you know if the sweep was favourable or not. All the best!

I was in the unfortunate minority that found a membrane sweep extremely painful and uncomfortable and didn't work anyway.


Had a sweep I'm the morning was in labour by dinner time. I guess everyone is different but worked for me x

Hi! Had one at 6am was 1cm dilated by then. Contractions all day progressed to labour stage and at 1am next day I was 4cm dilated, contractions every 2m. My son was born at 10 am. 4h to complete the 10cm and 1:30 pushing. Unfortunately unable to progress because he kept moving his head and I had an infection so assisted birth in the end! Everything was pretty quick since the sweep! I was 39+1. Xx

I suppose it’s hit and miss then - but worth a try I guess!

Hi hun I had a sweep but my consultant gave me mine I was a bit like but ur a man lol he said I can get a midwife to do it but there not as good and if u have a induction it will be painfull if they already messed I said ok let u do as it stood it was my birthday the next day he said u will have him by 2morrow double birthdays.. I left the hospital that afternoon and started labour 2hours later the consultant came in and said told you lol x

I was in labour but only 2cm with my 2nd midwife was “checking” dilation think she did more than that I think she gave me a sweep a burst my waters with her fingers really hurt doing it through a contraction nearly passed out got me going faster tho had baby in 3 hrs

Just an update for those wondering! I didn't make it to my sweep, my waters went when I was 38+6, and my little girl turned up 16 hours later! she's 5 weeks old already :O

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Congratulations xx

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