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When did you first feel baby move?

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Hi all,

I’m 17 weeks today and I don’t think I’ve felt movement yet but I know it’s still pretty early. When did you first feel movement? Will I even know it is baby? I’m worried I might not notice and will just mistake it for gas or something 🙈 I really hope I feel movement soon! ❤️ x

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I first felt movement at around 23 weeks. I also had an anterior placenta. I think I probably felt movement a little before this but wasn’t too sure what it was but definitely knew for sure at 23 weeks xx

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Thank you for your reply. What’s an anterior placenta? X

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Where it’s at the front so cushions the movement xx

Nothing yet and I am nearly 20 weeks x

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Thanks for your reply! Maybe I am expecting too much too early then as I have only just turned 17 weeks. Hope your feeling well. How bump coming along? X

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Feels like a proper bump now. I got all excited at 16 weeks thinking I would start to feel the baby move.... here I am a month later and still nothing ha ha. Oh well. I keep telling myself that whilst I am looking forward to that part, I will wish I hadn't when it arrives as basically we will be kicked about for the rest of the pregnancy 🤣 xx

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I’m glad you and bump are both well. My bumps coming along but I sometimes worry it should be bigger by now 🙈😂 I’m sure I won’t be saying that in a few weeks though 😂 x

Just before 23 weeks. X

Thanks for your reply. I hope I feel something soon. Did you know for sure it was baby? Worried I might miss it x

It definitely felt like a movement.

Thank you! Then I’m hoping I feel it soon. Must be amazing x

I hope you do soon.

It is amazing. I ran outside to tell my husband in tears! x

At 20 weeks when I was sitting down having meals 😀 Felt like little flutterings, I had an anterior placenta too which is supposed to make them harder to spot. I think you’ll just know when you feel them xx

I'd say from about 18 weeks but i didn't realise they were movements until 20 weeks as they just felt like flutters xx

I felt movement I definitely knew was baby at 23 weeks aswell. I have a posterior placenta but it still took that long. Might have felt something before but I was never sure!

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