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Sickness in Pregnancy

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I have had horrendous sickness and nausea in pregnancy and if one more person tells me to have a ginger biscuit I might kill them!

Does anyone have any advice that might help or what I can ask my GP to prescribe as I'm feeling really miserable at the moment and am currently signed off work.

Thank you x

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My Dr gave me a list of medication that can be taken during pregnancy, including for nausea. I live in Brazil so the brand name (Meclin) is probably different but the active ingredient is Meclizine (25mg) so maybe you can ask your Dr/pharmacy about that and whether it's available in the UK. Hope you feel better soon hon xxx

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HollieW in reply to MissSaoPaulo

Thank you, me too! Xx

talk to the charity Pregnancy Sickness Support x

Thank you xx

I got prescribed cyclizine for mine at 4+3 (yep kicked in early!) and stayed on it for my whole pregnancy (a lower dose from 12 weeks onwards). The week I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks I was off work all week as the nausea was soooooo bad I couldn’t sleep or function or eat and my fluid intake was minimal. The drug made me functional and I could eat and drink enough but I still felt icky most of the time. If the GP try’s to fob you off stand your ground, yes pregnancy is natural but we don’t need to suffer. And yes, I tried every remedy going, ginger, sickness bands, mints etc. None helped. Hope you get some help xx

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HollieW in reply to Lovefood1984

Thank you. I have appointment tomorrow and GP told me over the phone to eat ginger biscuits - could have throttled him! I started from week 5 and have been off work for almost 2 weeks now as I feel so rotten. I really hope I can get something to help so I can at least function. Even having a shower is a lot of effort at the moment! Xx

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Lovefood1984 in reply to HollieW

Could you see a female GP? They may be a little more understanding. I got lucky and saw a lovely one, I now prefer her over others at the practice, she’s been great helping me with my daughters intolerance/reflux issues x

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HollieW in reply to Lovefood1984

I don't have any female doctors at my practice so a bit stuck! Xx

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Lovefood1984 in reply to HollieW

Shame ☹️ I’ll keep my 🤞 for you, the constant nausea sucks big time, my sympathies x

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HollieW in reply to Lovefood1984

Thank you. I am going to try and get them to prescribe me something xx


No experience myself except I found sparkling drinks and mini cheese biscuits helpful !

However some ladies have found those wrist bands for travel sickness really helpful

In addition vit b6 pyridoxine is usually given by midwives and doctors to help with morning sickness

Maybe worth contacting your midwife if doctors are male and useless (!)

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HollieW in reply to Saya85

Thank you. I'm seeing the nurse tomorrow so fingers crossed I can get somewhere as feel so wretched xx

I know how u feel my midwife was telling me I was fine at the start of my pregnancy I was then nearly hospitalisedwith dehydration I’m now 22 weeks and been diagnosed with Hyperemsis I’ve been out of work and given cyclizine which seems to work some days better than others I’ve tried all the old wives tales and I told my doctors not to tell me them because they are pissing me off Pmsl but smal sips of water Hun or ever tea who cares if it’s caffi if u are keeping it down ur keeping it down xx

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HollieW in reply to Lilmossy

Thank you. It's definitely very grim xx

I’ve got hyperemesis, and it sounds like you might have too, it’s terrible and unfortunately can last the whole pregnancy, I’m currently 15 weeks and coping better on medication but still not feeling 100% better. I went to my gp at 5 weeks as I was struggling to stay hydrated, and was put on cyclizine that really didn’t help, but at 11 weeks I went into hospital with severe dehydration and sickness (my ketones were 4+) and started ondasentron, it’s more expensive for gp’s but seems to have more success for patients, it’s definitely worth kicking up a bit of a fuss with your gp if they aren’t medicating you as if left untreated you can end up in hospital like I did x

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HollieW in reply to Nin21996

Thank you. I had heard they don't like prescribing the medications as they are expensive xx

Hi HollieW,

I had horrible sickness week 7-23 and my GP told me it was all in my head! Finally saw another GP who prescribed Avomine, which then stopped working. I then went on to Ondansetron which stopped working.

They then tried my on a combination of both which really helped and stopped me being sick instantly.

I really hope your GP can help you out.

Sending love x

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HollieW in reply to Betty4893

Thank you. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels so awful! Xx

Hi, I’m 20 weeks and have been on cyclizine since 12 weeks- I tried to kid myself it was a normal amount of sickness even though I was keeping nothing down so didn’t go to the GPs till quite late! Definitely don’t recommend that as cyclizine has definitely reduced my sickness, but still have bad days and still sick most mornings. The joys of pregnancy! xx

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HollieW in reply to GM99

Fully expected some nausea and sickness but this is debilitating. Even having a shower and getting dressed is a huge challenge as I have zero energy. Hopefully I can get something to help xx

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GM99 in reply to HollieW

Ahh bless you- I was exactly the same but put it down to normal pregnancy tiredbess and sickness as I havnt been pregnant before and it wasn’t until I started asking around and found out it wasn’t normal! Fingers crossed you can get some help at the GPs xxx

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HollieW in reply to GM99

Yes fingers crossed 🤞. I have been pregnant twice before but they were ectopic and my HCG levels were never as high and both pregnancies were ended by the time I was 5 weeks so I've never experienced a 'proper" pregnancy until now. Thank you for taking the time to reply xx

Oh you poor thing! I had terrible sickness night and day from week 6. I tried everything and nothing worked. It got so bad between weeks 7-9 I couldn’t even sip water and keep it down or get any sleep because the sickness would wake me up to go and be sick. I was prescribed phenergan by my GP which didn’t completely get rid of the nausea but definitely helped, it had the added bonus of being a mild sedative so I could finally get some sleep. I stopped using it at 16 weeks because the nausea had subsided pretty much bang on the 16 week mark, it didn’t go completely until 22 weeks but from week 16 it was a lot less severe and I could finally eat things other than mashed potato. I also used sickness bands but it was hard to tell whether they helped or not because I started using them the same day as I started talking the tablets but they don’t do any harm so might be worth trying them as well. I felt really low during that time, crying all the time because I was sleep deprived and feeling so unwell, it was relentless and it felt like it went on forever. I think you should make another appointment at your surgery but request to see a different GP and insist that they prescribe something for you. It’s clearly having a serious impact on your life and there is absolutely no reason for them not to prescribe medication. I really hope you are taken seriously and can find something that works. Good luck!

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Thank you. I think I'm going to have to be forceful on this as I can't carry on like I am. I'm already losing weight xx

in reply to HollieW

Unleash stroppy pregnant lady on them! Stroppy pregnant lady is an unstoppable force and a great way to get what you want but should only be used in emergencies otherwise people will become scared of you! X

I also feel for you because I had sickness from weeks 6 and it’s still going at week 12. I work for myself but I definitely would have been signed off work for this whole time because I was so sick and it made me feel awful. I also struggle to care for myself as everything either makes me feel sick or having a shower physically makes me sick.

I have to say that we did ask our midwife for tips on the sickness but she was so uninterested she didn’t even ask my symptoms. Therefore I haven’t bothered going back to the docs in fear of them turning me away and me just being angry.

All of the pregnancy books seem to say it’s normal and that hypermesis is being sick 50 times a day. So even though I have feel rotten I ruled myself out of that. The books also have these perfectly looking women in wretchjnf over the toilet with a huge bump and it’s such a joke and misleading. No one ever talked to me about how awful the first weeks are. It’s been a nightmare.

The food thing has been a real problem for me. I used to love food and now I hate everything so I eat what I can when I can. Even if that’s a mint aero for breakfast because as you say no one wants to eat crackers or biscuits all day everyday for weeks on end!

I would try different textures of food. For example a crusty roll rather than bread or different cereal bars rather than biscuits. I am also drawn to sweet things which I know is not great but it gets me eating. Sweet things are less risky than savory flavours for me.

I also tried acupuncture which helps subside the feelings but didn’t leave completely because it’s nothing to be ‘cured’. I would still recommend it because it did give me some life back!

Good luck with everything.

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HollieW in reply to laurafig

Thank you it sounds like you are in the same boat as me. I'm probably only sick 1-2 times a day but I feel sick EVERY hour I'm awake. It really is awful and some professionals are very unsympathetic as if you should expect to feel this bad! I will just keep plugging on as it's not forever (although it feels that way at the moment!) Xx

My GP prescribe cyclizene hydrochloride and that helped a tonne. Try eating in small portion, ready salted crisp worked for me and if you’re not able to keep anything down like me try having naked drinks smoothies and water even though you might bring it back up your body still gets the vitamins and also it’s important to take your pregnancy vitamins cuz it makes up for what your loosing . Tropicana apple juice worked for me as well and dry toast loads of rest and having something before you get outta bed should help cuz from experience the nausea is worst when you’re hungry.

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HollieW in reply to Sammy2115

Yes it's definitely worse when hungry so trying to eat little and often. It is so difficult to focus on anything else and I have become obsessed about what I eat for fear of it coming back up! I'm really hoping I can be prescribed something xx

Eating less acidic stuff helps try rice summer salads etc

I had terrible sickness from the beginning but it got suddenly worse at 16 weeks and I ended up on an iv drip in hospital and injected with anti sickness meds due to severe dehydration. I couldn't even sip water without being sick and I'd started throwing up blood from straining- sorry tmi. The doctors prescribed me ranitidine twice a day which worked wonders! I stopped throwing up and could finally eat and drink again- I hadn't put any weight on until I was 20 weeks. They've now moved me on to omerzopole once a day and although I still get occasional flare ups of nausea I haven't been sick.

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HollieW in reply to CC2018

Thank you and pleased to hear that medication can help xx

Update- I have now been prescribed cyclizine and already feel better. It never goes completely and I'm still very tired but feel like I can actually function rather than just get through every hour xx

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