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Does everyone get a visit from Health Visitor prior to giving birth?

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I ask because nothing has been mentioned to me. I am 34+3. Would my midwife have said something if this applied to me, is this a difference across regions or should we all get the visit? I am in Cumbria x

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Hey hope your doing well .

I didn’t have one x

I’m in South Wales, I never with my first pregnancy but my son’s health visitor phoned me recently to say she’ll be coming to see me in the new year to do an antenatal check. I’ll be 32ish weeks then. It’s a new thing they’ve started doing I believe. X

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We got one at about 37 weeks, maybe it does depend on area etc x

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I got one around 37 weeks and didn’t hear until around 35 weeks I think it was. My midwife didn’t mention it I just got a phone call from the HV one day x

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I think it's based on area. My midwife mentioned it to me and I had to sign a form but this didn't happen until quite late. Had the visit around 35 weeks. I'm in the East Midlands but my cousin, who is in Kent, hasn't had one. X

I had my midwife appointment today at 31 plus 4 days and they completed a referral form for the health visitors. She mentioned they usually do it anytime from the 28 week mark.

I have a feeling we don’t get it round here. I’ve had my 34/35 week midwife check and no mention. And no mention at the antenatal classes. I just wondered as I heard a few people saying on here. Thanks everyone for your replies! xx

I’ve been to the midwife today in the form it says referred for scan which is your normal scans another referral was health visitor presuming this was it? I can’t remember hv coming before having my 2 kids but might have it was a while ago.

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It’s possible I signed /completed something at the start that I just can’t remember now 😂 xx

I’m a HV.

Every child has a named health visitor until they go to school. Every area is different but most should met there health visitor once especially if it is there first child, in the antenatal period between 28-40 weeks. Good luck. X

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Oh thank you Missy_22! That’s helpful. I’ll expect their call then 😃

I think it completely depends on area or even staff shortages.

As I never had a health visitor visit me prior to giving birth but my friend who is due over Christmas has one coming out this weekx

My midwife told me to expect a call from health visitor but I didn’t get one until 38 weeks. They’re very behind in my area.

My midwife said I will get a visit from a health visitor any time from 28weeks. I'm 18 weeks so nothing organised yet. She did mention that in my area they work in a team and the health visitor that comes before birth will be different to the ones I meet after birth. I don't really know what the visit is for either. Xx

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Kate91 in reply to Penders

It's just so they can introduce themselves and let you know what they do and to help.with any questions you might have before birth. They'll discuss things sleeping with you and such

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I had my first midwife appointment today (booking in) and she mentioned that it’s a new thing they’ve recently introduced, it’s a way of forming a relationship with expectant mum’s before the post birth blur of visitors occur. As well as checking out all seems well/settled in the home environment pre birth in case any support needs are identified.

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