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Gender scan

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Hi everyone,

I paid for a private scan yesterday to find out the gender of our baby as I’m just over 16 weeks (they start from 16 weeks at private) and they told us we are having a little girl and we were both thrilled! I was just wondering if anyone had found out the gender and it be wrong before? I asked how sure the sonographer was it was a girl (as I’ve heard you can’t always confirm it) and she acted almost offended and said that it was in her professional opinion!! I just didn’t want to start buying all pink stuff in the new year to find out it’s actually a boy ha! xxx

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Aw congratulations. We did the same and had a private scan at 16 weeks and it was a girl. We doubled checked at the 20 week scan (we didn’t tell them we knew) so we felt more confident buying girly stuff. We also had a 4d scan at 30 weeks and again it was still a girl. It was always still a worry after buying so much girly stuff but she did come out a girl xx

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Ahh that’s exactly it! I’m a real girly girl so if it’s a girl I’d want to get everything pink! I think as well we were both so surprised as we were convinced it was a boy and lots of boys in the family etc! My 20 week scan is right at the beginning of January so will check then ha! xx

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Ha ha you sound just like me! I was still terrified up until she was born she was going to be a boy and we would have nothing to dress them in 😂 x

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Haha that’s exactly it!! x

Congrats I had a gender scan at 16 weeks to and found out it was a girl but I didn't start buying girl stuff til after 20 weeks I was worried like yourself but I think it is rare even though I do know someone who it has happened too xx

I had 2 girls found out at 20w scans but she said it looks like it’s a girl not it’s definitely so I was always hoping it was wrong I wanted a boy lol they were both girls

Congratulations. We paid for a private one at 16 weeks and were told it was a boy. when we had our 20week scan we didn't tell the hospital we had a private one and just asked them to check the gender and they confirmed he was a boy.

Good luck

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Sounds a good plan! I’ll do the same in Jan! Xx

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