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Counting kicks


Hey ladies,

I had a horrible scare yesterday, I haven’t felt movement for over 24hrs and my midwife wasn't answering her phone so I called the labour ward at my new hospital.

I was asked to go in ASAP. They booked me in and when I arrived the midwives and nurses were absolutely brilliant.

The bambino is doing great, he’s growing nicely and is 26weeks instead of 25. It turns out my previous midwife/hospital got the dates wrong🙄

I just want you all to make sure no matter what don’t doubt your gut feeling and any reduced movement please please please go to the hospital get checked out and get the reassurance. Don’t wait till “tomorrow”

You should feel movement all the way up to labour and in labour 💕

Hope you’re all okay




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Glad everything is ok! Must of been terrifying for you. I completely agree that you should always get checked out. People often make the mistake that near the end movements lessen as baby has less room but this is not true and you should always feel regular movement. My baby was 10lb 1 and I still felt the same amount.

At least now you’ve got one less week to wait to see your baby! Xx

Amreenak in reply to Hidden

I have never felt so scared in my life😭 my mind is at ease though so I’m very glad I went to the unit. Wow 10lbs!!!! That’s amazing what was your birth like?

I’m hoping they don’t mess anymore of my records up because it has been a nightmare. I’ve had so many blood tests 😭

Hidden in reply to Amreenak

The birth was a bit of a nightmare in that they didn’t believe me when I said I couldn’t go on anymore and just to get her out. Think they understood when they weighed her 😂😂.

I was induced at 9am tues morning and then had emergency c section at 1pm on the Wednesday. I was fully dilated but she just wouldn’t budge. They also tried forceps twice. Second babies are supposed to be bigger so I’m definitely pushing for a c section next time.

Luckily I didn’t have my heart set on how she was to be born so it really didn’t bother me how she came out as long as she was safe.

Ooh I hate blood test! Bit of a pain they’ve mucked your records up! xx

Amreenak in reply to Hidden

WOOW I’m so so glad they listened to you and gave you a c-section, im very much like you in the sense I don’t have my heart set on a certain birth. It never goes to plan from what I have been told💕

Did you ever have an epidural?

So many questions I’m so sorry 🙈😘 x

Hidden in reply to Amreenak

It took a while for them to listen to me unfortunately. I had quite a strict consultant checking in on me. The midwife even asked me what I thought of her when I had got home as they’d had complaints about her manner.

I had a spinal which is just an injection into the spinal whereas with an epidural a line stays in your back. I wasn’t keen on an epidural but would of had it if I needed it. Apparently epidurals don’t work that quickly (never knew this) so that’s why I had an spinal.

I personally think it’s better to go in without having your heart set on something as I’ve read people getting quite upset they didn’t have the birth they wanted. I never thought I would get to having a baby so I didn’t even think about labour and didn’t put in any effort to my birth plan as I was terrified I would jinx it xx

Amreenak in reply to Hidden

Oh god I can’t belive she asked you what you thought of her!!! Is that allowed???

I’m going to do some research on the spinal as I have never heard of it before.

I really don’t like the thought of an epidural because I’m such a wimp/control freak when it comes to needles and not being able to move.

Thank you so answering all my questions 🙈🙈

Hidden in reply to Amreenak

I’ve no idea lol but I wouldn’t of said anything if she hadn’t asked so I guess that’s good.

I’m the biggest wuss and if I had known what I would of had during labour it would of freaked me out but I literally didn’t care what was happening at the time. The movement came back after a couple of hours as well so wasn’t too bad.

I don’t mind the questions at all xx

Glad everything is ok... may I ask when did you start to feel baby move... I’m 19 weeks today and started to feel the lil flutters but haven’t felt them for 24 hours??

Amreenak in reply to destiny121

I felt tiny flutters at 20-21weeks, but full on kicks at week 23. I think the little flutters are very inconsistent so don’t worry just yet. And if you’re due to go to the midwife this week get her to listen to the babies heart beat. Start tracking baby’s movements when you feel full on kicks. Hope this helps chick 💕😘 x

destiny121 in reply to Amreenak

Ahhh ok.... perfect... thank you xx

Kempton in reply to destiny121

Don't worry. It's still early days for you to be feeling movement. Advice is to start tracking after 28 weeks when baby has a more established kicking routine. But it's your baby and your body so if you are ever worried definitely contact your midwife.

Completely agree. Through out my pregnancy I went up to midwife unit 5 times for reduced movements everytime they were great and baby was okay x

Amreenak in reply to jupiter1234

It is best to be safe than sorry In my eyes, I think a lot of people feel silly (I know I did), but the midwives were so reassuring and caring. I will definitely go back if I need the reassurance. They also mentioned at home dopplers aren’t reliable x

I think the advice is not to worry about counting kicks until 28 weeks so try not to stress. I believe babies are more settled into a routine of kicking by then. But absolutely - if you are ever worried, never hesitate to contact midwife.


It's terrifying isn't it? I'm so glad all was with your baby in the end, you did the right thing.

At 27 weeks I hadn't felt my baby move since the night before, and by 11am I was in a state as nothing I did would make it move. The community midwife came to my house to check the heartbeat and, of course, it started to move right before she arrived! I didn't care though, I just wanted to hear the heartbeat at that point!

You are right, the midwives are lovely and all told me I had done the right thing so I would not hesitate if I had to call them again if I felt the need. xx

Well done for doing the right thing and glad everything is ok. I only went in once for reduced movement and as soon as they put the monitors on he started kicking around 😂 But so much better to check and be reassured than leave it. x

I'm glad to hear that all is ok with baby. You must have been very anxious Xxx

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