I'm trying so hard to get pregnant😭😭😭😭: I have been... - NCT


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I'm trying so hard to get pregnant😭😭😭😭

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I have been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend for a couple of months now n I am still not getting pregnant and we want to have a baby but I am not getting pregnant no matter how much we try

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Hi Hun didn’t want to read and run , pregnancy can take up to 12 months to conceive and it’s about doing it when your most fertile too ! Do you take vitamins too and drink plenty of water ? How are your cycles are they regular? The smallest things matter when trying to conceive a baby. Xx

A couple of months isn’t that long yet. Maybe buy some ovulation sticks if you haven’t already to make sure your having sex at the right times in your cycle

Hi, don’t be put off when it doesn’t happen straight away, I was trying for about six months, and never conceived, I was on the verge of giving up, I’d been tracking my cycles and measuring my fertile window with my basal temperature, but for the seventh month I bought some ovulation strips, we had sex once in September, outside of my fertile window, and I’m now six and a half weeks pregnant. I don’t know whether it was the fact that I stopped stressing over it or what, but it happened in its own time. Also it’s worth checking with your partner that he’s not taking hot baths or showers as that can reduce the sperm quality.

I tried for a long time, it turns out my anti depressants raised my pro lactinlevels which can make it hard to conceive. Also I used an app that said my fertile window was 2 weeks after my period...whilst my prolactin came down as I came off tablets, my Nan died and I forgot all about ‘trying’ this is when We conceived. it turns out my fertile window must’ve been straight after my period (not 2 weeks) and that giving up trying for a bit also worked.

Good luck with it, try not to stress

Again, didn’t want to read and run. I am in the same boat and some days it really does feel hard. From reading the above I don’t know whether I’m focusing too much on when app’s tell me I’m ovulating (although I am also using ovulation sticks) keep your chin up hun, it will happen.xxx

I would suggest change in diet as well as stop worrying and let nature take its course. I however feel that its too early to start worrying perhaps see a gynecologist or Physician which ever is relevant and find out if you do not have complications and take it from there.

A few months is still very early days although I know that it is hard once that is what you want.

If you are under 35, the NHS recommends waiting around 18months before having any tests. (A year if you are over 35).

I can’t remember where I saw the statistic but you only have a 1 in 5 chance of conceiving each cycle anyway! Make sure you are taking vitamin d and folic acid and try to have fun trying!

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You can ask for the nhs tests after six months of trying if over 35, and a year otherwise. It can take some time to get the initial tests organised so you’ll probably be six months further down the line once they’re done.


You need to allow time, some people fall pregnant straight away where others can take a long time. Don’t put any pressure on it, stay away from stress

It took me a few months to get pregnant as I just gotten my nexplanon removed. I think it’s very important to track your cycle first for a few months, I used the Flo app and try to have sex a 2-3 days before ovulation date and on the day of ovulation. Your chances of conceiving are much higher when there’s sperm waiting when the egg is released. This is what worked for me. But most importantly I would say try not to obsess about it because that could hinder your chances of getting pregnant and talk to your boyfriend about how you’re feeling, it does help. Goodluck

I'm in the same boat me and my husband are so ready for children he wants them so bad, we've been trying for 3 months now and still nothing I'm really stressed and ino it doesn't help, we have sex days before ovulation I have an app that tells me when and still nothing, it's upsetting and some times I do cry and I'm scared I never will get pregnant, i had an abortion 4 years ago as the guy I was with didn't treat me well and I didn't want a child with him, I didn't take that very well and that was such a hard time for me and such a big decision, now I feel what if I don't have a child with my husband what if that was my only chance and I messed it up?

I'm just so desperate to have a child now that I'm scared it won't happen.

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Please try not to stress. It takes months on average to get pregnant and stress is the biggest reason for failure. Try to relax and use a pee on a stick for monitoring when you actually are ovulating - we all ovulate at different times of the month. If you haven't got anywhere after 12 months, then and only then will your gp start doing tests.

Do things that relax you, try to keep the fun in the process and please do not obsess. Xx

We were trying for 14 months, it is the hardest emotional roller coaster and I found it incredibly difficult. At about 8 months we started having tests to check both our levels etc as we're over 35 and then it took another 6 months with covid to get our first fertility appointment. The week after that initial consultation we found out we were pregnant. I think I just relaxed finally knowing someone was going to help us and then it happened on it's own.

It's the hardest thing to hear when you're in the situation but being relaxed is so important. I found the clearblue digital ovulation kits excellent for ovulation tracking and preseed is great for a bit of extra lubrication to help the swimmers on their way! Staying healthy and a good diet, good luck with it, you'll get there x

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