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Scan at 8 weeks - will i get a scan and will i hear the heartbeat?

Hello! I have had to go to hospital early due to pain in my abdomen at 7 weeks and had a scan and everything is fine and good - the nurse has booked me in for a scan next week whem i am 8 weeks and said to me its to listen to the babys hearbeat. I have read a few things and none of them say that you will be given the opportunity to hear the heartbeat at this stage? Also, will i be able to get a little print out of the scan if they do only listen to the heartbeat?

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Hiya! Glad everything was fine, must have been a worry. I had my normal 12 week scan and asked if I could hear the heartbeat and was told that I wouldn’t be able to at this stage, but that could just be the hospital I was at. I got to hear it at my 16 week midwife appointment. As for the print out I would assume you can if it’s the same as it would be at 12 weeks. Best of luck ☺️ xx


I had a scan last week at 8 weeks and 5 days. I didn’t get to hear the heartbeat, my consultant just told me that he could see one but I did get a print out. X


I haven’t heard the heartbeat at scans- they can show it to you. Some of the sonographers have said that they don’t like to put audio on for the heartbeat in case it disturbs baby. Xx


I think they do all that at mid wife appointment. They did with me when I was 24 weeks because they start to messure the baby etc.... congratulations on your pregnancy hope all os well and goes well :)


I had exactly same due to bleeding and cramps and saw the heartbeat on the screen at 7.5 weeks, amazing! You can’t hear it at that stage but you can see it flashing away - just he best thing I’ve ever seen.

We didn’t get photos, my mum asked to take one on her phone and and was told a strict NO! Ha. Probably hospital policy, we got our pics at the 12week scan


COngrats darling,

I don’t remember if I heard the heart at my early scans as I was seeing at the EPU (early pregnancy unit) and I had basically 1 scam per week from 6 weeks until I was 3.5 months when everything switch from bad to good 😊

As Emma said I remember seeing the heart flashing away.

Once again take it easy

And enjoy your pregnancy


Thank you for your well wishes?l! I will be going to the EPU as well due to the pain i keep getting, did they allow you to take a photo or give you a print out?


unfortunately no 😢 as I had a high risk pregnancy in any case at the beginning you don’t see much. If I remember correctly they couldn’t see the heart at the beginning, guess I had a late blooming embryo 😂.

Try to relax and keep calm I was advised at the EPU not to keep my hopes high as it wasnt going to develop. So glad that they were wrong.

Take your supplements and don’t stress to much about the baby parameters and if you can avoid it don’t search on the net, it will confuse and scare you. (That happened to me 😂)

What sort of pain are you getting?

I had terrible cramps that I couldn’t make myself to walk. Also I kept bleeding and had high temperature. At 6 weeks I went to A&E as I was feeling really bad, knew I was pregnant so they asked me all sort of questions (after having a polite pregnancy test) apparently I ticked all the boxes for an atopic pregnancy, had my first scan then all I saw was a blob and then was my first contact with a whole array of pregnancy terms..... apparently I had a blighted ovum or an embrionic pregnancy that’s when the embryo doesn’t develop. Was adviced that my body naturally was going to get rid of it. However I was given an appointment to see an specialist at the EPU next day... and from then onwards was 3 months of pure agony as it was developing but not properly, as I said before everything changed at 3.5 months as I started getting positive results then. We didn’t tell ppl that I was pregnant until 5 months... when Most of the risks where gone.

I hope tou will have an easy path and your little miracle develops into a lovely healthy baby as it did mine.


I saw and heard my baby's heartbeat at 7 weeks. It was absolutely amazing :) I was also given a little picture. Hope everything is ok with your little one. Wishing you the best - let us know how it goes!


Thank you! Was this via a private scan or did you go via the GP/routine visit or EPU?


Mine was an IVF pregnancy so it was through the assisted conception unit. If you are going to hospital EPU then I imagine they will at least let you see the heartbeat but I think you may have to pay for a pic. About a fiver. They've stopped giving out free ultrasounds for some reason.

I'm sure everything will be ok. Good luck!


I asked about the scan with heartbeat sound as I’m in a support group for ectopic pregnancies and many there get to hear the heart beat early on!

The consultant told me that in the UK they don’t use the scan set up where you can hear the heart beat until the 20 week scan as apparently that uses more heat and isn’t really needed. At 8 weeks as long as they can see the heart beat on the scan that’s all that matters!


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