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Weight Gain by 18weeks?


Hi Ladies

I am 18weeks and have only put on about 2.5kg so far. Has anyone else weighed themselves or know what’s “typical” ? I have only ever been weighed by my GP when I was 6 weeks. A midwife has never weighed me , should they?

Many thanks


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I got weighed at booking in and 12 week scan and that’s it by the midwives, they don’t put much importance on weight, I’ve not really monitored my weight either - I’m now 35 weeks and have put on roughly 10kg since pre pregnancy. I feel good and baby is measuring perfectly though which is the most important thing.


I've only been weighed once at my booking appointment. I'm 29 weeks & have gained around 5 kg. I had a growth scan a couple of weeks back & baby is growing fine so I'm not too worried about it. X


I was only weighed once at 25 week appointment. I didn’t keep an eye on it either but I don’t think I put a lot on as I could fit back into my clothes pre pregnancy as soon as my c section scar healed x

Thanks everyone I called the midwife who also reassured me this is normal and they don’t use weight as my outcome measure for babies health due to the huge differences seen in women. AND relax!!! 😂

I’m 17+2 I put in 2lbs in first 3 months and 2lbs last week. Everybody is different, I think if your eating and drinking well and baby is fine. I was only weighed at my 8week booking appointment, so I keep eye on my weight. They say 1st 3 months 2-4lbs then after 1lb per week

Hey, I'm 19+2 and have put on about 2kg so far. I was slim before hand but haven't out much weight on. From behind I don't look pregnant at all, one of my colleagues was quite round and bumpy at 19 weeks so we are just all different (she looked amazing and was all bump). Try not to worry about it too much, everyone is different xxx

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