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did anyone experience crippling depression?

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(this may be triggering for some, please don't read if you feel it may upset you)

I am 9 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Before I was pregnant (this wasn't planned) I had anxiety and depression as well as bad migraines. All 3 have flared up like HELL as well as having unbearable fatigue and nausea. It is getting so bad I am contemplating not continuing with my pregnancy as I don't feel well enough to go through with this, plus the birth and then raising the child. I have spoken to my GP and midwife about my mental health being worse but they haven't been the most helpful.

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Hi Hun sorry your going through a bad time and not feeling great. Can you ask your GP to refer you for some counselling as what ever you decide regarding baby you need to get yourself well . X

I am already having private counselling :)

Has the midwife recommended anything to you ? How long have you been feeling that you can’t carry the pregnancy on for Hun ? Is this your first xx

the midwife said theres a mental health specialist midwife but if i'm having counselling to stick with that instead, i have been feeling like this for a few weeks now and this would be my first xx

Do you feel your counselling is helping?

I’ve not experienced this to be honest I’ve had it but fought it so I can’t imagine how you are feeling physically and emotionally, I’ve been lucky I’m on baby 4 now.

Only you can decide what’s right for you Hun , do you want children and does The counsellor think that there’s going to be a positive outcome. Xx

my counsellor is great but i see her every 2 weeks as I have to pay, I do want children but I feel like this is not putting me in a good place with how I am - the counsellor can't really advice re. outcomes xx

Is your partner or the father supporting you with what you decide Hun ? I suppose it’s trial and error as you won’t know when your feel 100% !! Xx

he is happy about it but i'm not xx

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Hi there i hope your ok i suffer with depression and had it earlier on in pregnancy to and they put me on amitryptiline an antidepressant which ive been taking every night i take 100mg and its sorted out my depression i wanted to terminate my pregnancy to but ive always wanted kids its my first im 39 weeks today i would say get your doctor to refer you to a perinatal specialist and the perinatal midwives and they can help with maybe a antidepressant and you will feel so much better and it will make the option clearer for you for me it stopped me being so down and im now looking forward to seeing baby its not easy with all these hormones going on good luck x

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thank you the doctor seems reluctant to put me on anything at the moment, i have just text my midwife about a mental health specialist x

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Certain medicines are safe in pregnancy but like i said the mental health specialist would see you prescribe you something and you will be seeing the perinatal midwives that specialise in this area i would say dont make up your mind until you see these as it may just be hormones and depression that is causing you to feel this way but when ur on something like i say it changes everything x

Hi there,

Sorry that things are so hard for you at the moment. It sounds like the pregnancy has had a massive impact on your health and when you've tried to seek support people haven't been too helpful.

GPs can be the making or breaking of what support you get. How did your GP respond when you talked to them? Is there anyone else you can see at the practice? It might be worth seeing someone else - ask around for recommendations. I would also ask some specific questions about support available to you:

- Is there a local perinatal mental health service which could support me at the moment?

- What are my treatment options? Please talk me through...

- Could I talk to a psychiatrist about medication options in pregnancy? (some anti-depressants are relatively safe)

I have found when things are getting worse with my mental health I find it difficult to say how bad things really are, so tend to write things I want to get across down (e.g. suicidal thoughts, struggling to get up everyday etc.) and then if all else fails I can at least give what I have written to my GP.

It may also be worth talking to the specialist midwife if that's still on offer.

I also suffer badly from depression and anxiety, and am currently trying to conceive so share bits of your experience, but what you are going through at the moment sounds really tough.

Hope that you manage to get some support and really happy to chat on here or DM if it's helpful.


So I’ve read through the comments and replies on here, I was in the same boat as you are this time last year. I couldn’t cope at all, my partner was over the moon and I was dreading everything about becoming a mum and how I was going to cope through the rest of my pregnancy feeling crippled by my mental health.

I went for counceling with Marie Stopes, and they explained the procedure I would go through if I chose to terminate but they were really good and weren’t pushing me towards one option or the other. Because of having councelling with them, I made the decision to go through with the pregnancy. Yes it’s been difficult, but now I’m here I wouldn’t change it for the world.

It might be worth getting in contact with bpas or Marie Stopes and going from there, from my experience they are really good, or seeing if your local hospital runs an unplanned pregnancy clinic.

Make the decision for you and not for anyone else. I hope this helps a bit.

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How sad that you are not getting the support you need. I would echo the comments above re perinatal mental health referral and seeing another GP at the practice - even consider moving practice (look for a practice that is a training practice- they will have junior doctors but it means the GPs are more likely to be keeping up to date). There is so much that can be done for mental health in pregnancy- it does not sound like two weekly counselling is enough at this stage but I appreciate it is too expensive at the moment.

Whatever you decide, wishing you all the best. You deserve to feel happy and what you’re feeling is not permanent but support will help. Please let us know how you get on xxxx