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40+1, nearly there!!!!

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Soooo, due date was yesterday & looks like this cheeky monkey is going to be much like big sister. I've had over a week of painful Braxton hicks but nothing more. My poor little girl is getting so impatient waiting to meet her new brother or sister, every day she talks to bump telling baby to "come out today please" 😂

I think we are all a bit bored of waiting now, but on the bright side I'm feeling fairly ok after being told I had low iron & being put on iron tablets for a few weeks. I didn't realise how crappy I'd been feeling until I started taking them.

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Good luck hun. Hope your surprise comes soon. I know how your daughters feeling. Mine is eager already I'm only 27+1 asks me every other day when is my brotherv coming. Are you going to get induced or anything or just wait n see xxx

Thank you!

I have a midwife appointment tomorrow, so hoping I'm offered a sweep. Not keen on another induction to be honest do think I'll just wait & see for now & cross that bridge if I come to it x

Ask her, for the sweep hun. Good luck xx

Hope all goes well, must be so fraustating for all. My son has just started asking how many sleeps till baby comes-I'm only 30 weeks!

Can't wait to see pics xx

Thanks hun. Just had a sweep & midwife was confident it's going to work.

Hows things with you? Hope your sickness is improving x

Woo hoo, hope it does. I'm struggling in the heat let alone be term!

My nausea is no longer crippling but I still need to wear my little sickness bands or I'm thumped. I'm guessing its never going but it is so much better the last few weeks.

Good luck. Huge hugs and positive thoughts xx

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