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embarrassing problem swollen labia is this normal?


im 25+3 and very sore and swollen around the vaginal area. started out as just sore (no itching) so thought it might go away on its own. labia are now both swollen. hurts to sit or walk. can't get a doctors appointment for 2 weeks although going to keep trying. midwife is not much use. has anyone else had this? is it normal?

any suggestions for relief?


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Have you tested for thrush? Phone the maternity unit and ask to be seen by day care.

not tested for thrush but am trying the canasten cream incase it was this. didnt make a difference. someone suggested an ice pack and has helped a bit

Yes I had that. I thought I had pelvic organ prolapse! Went bank to normal after giving birth. Might be low baby putting pressure on your pelvic floor x

I got this when i was induced. All of my downstairs had an allergic reaction to the hormones and swelt up. Go to a chemist and ask about an antihistamine that is safe during pregnancy.

Hopefully itll help. If not, cool baths, ice packs. X

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