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There are reasons to be concerned about my pregnancy?

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I took one pregnancy test digital in the morning. It shows 2-3 weeks since conceived (this mean4-5 weeks since last period) this is kind of impossible because my last period was 22 may. I estimate 6-7 weeks from last period (4-5 since conception. I have done 7 normal pregnancy test before and all of them shows 2 pale lines, all was done with the first urine in morning, in the last 2 weeks with 2 days difference between them. It is something wrong? My appointment to the doctor is in 14 August, that means 5 weeks of uncertainty and worries. Can somebody give me an advice? It is possible that my pregnancy stopped?! I really want this baby, it is my first one. Thanks!

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These tests are an approximation rather than exact. The fact you're not bleeding or in pain is a good thing .

Also you might not have ovulated when you think you did ... it can vary from month to month. Also these tests depend on urine concentration so if you are drinking more than usual your urine could be more dilute.

Maybe wait another week or two if you want to test again.

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Is true I don’t have no pain no bleeding, actually I don’t have no pregnancy symptoms at all. I already bought another 2 digital test, now I’m waiting a week to test again, hopefully everything will be fine. Thanks for your answer!

I was two weeks out on my dates I was adamant I knew exactly how far gone I was but was out when I had my scans. It's possible to be wrong as working out conception dates isn't an exact science

Hi why have you an appointment with your doctor? Ring your midwife tell them your 7 weeks and want a booking in appointment they'll go off your last period so you'll get a 12w scan date for around the 14th Aug instead of seeing your doctor.

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Depends what country this woman is in. If she's not in UK things might work.differently

I’m in UK. In 14 August I will have my first scan. And with midwife they book me at the end of this month. But because is my first pregnancy I am a bit worried. why they don’t do an early appointment to see if everything is alright. After so many weeks I was aspected to see a strong line on pregnancy test but is sill pale, now I’m playing with the digital test 😜. Does someone else experience this?

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Kate91 in reply to AlicePh

Because unless something is wrong there isn't much they can do early on anyway. Unfortunately an early miscarriage is something that the chances are they can not stop. And some women just have lower hormone levels if you've had positive tests then there's not point in restating all time. If you need reassurance then you can find a private scan place on Google and pay for an early reassurance scan. But the nhs will only scan you early if you are having problems.

I have done another digital test today in the morning and was 3+ , that was a good thing , but after I came from work I have notice that I have some brown discharge 😞, what this could mean?

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jenna01 in reply to AlicePh

Brown discharge is pretty common, often just old blood being squeezed out as your cervix closes. Fresh red blood is more worrying so keep an eye on it. If you’re really worried then let your midwife or GP know and they can get it checked out depending on how early you are in your pregnancy

I have been to GP , she ask me few questions and after that she send me to A&E . They sent me to early pregnancy unit, here they took a blood test and scan. At the scan they told me that my pregnancy isn’t looking like 8 weeks, after theirs calculations I should be on 8 weeks. Next week I’m going back for a scan. After this I start bleeding ☹️. Anyway I still have a hope!

Unfortunately I misscariage ☹️

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Sisi14 in reply to AlicePh

Sorry to hear about your loss my thoughts are with you xx

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