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Two liver hemangiomas 4.8cm AP and 5.5cm TR


Hello Everyone,

I recently was diagnosed in April as having an enlarged liver. I had bloods done all normal. Sent for an ultrasound Wichita showed a mass on my liver. Likelihood a hemangioma informed that it was around 4.5cm fast forward three weeks for me to have an MRI to confirm it was that and bot cancer. They found two hemangiomas on the MRI 4.8CM and another 5.5cm in the right lobe. Notes from consultant radiographer no further scan or follow up required. Now prior to MRI the gp whom discovered the enlarged liver stated that she would be more than likely referring me to either a heptologist or upper gastrointerologist as it seems it's impacting my health. I've had pain in my upper right abdomen on and off for about five years now and my previous doctors didn't give a hoot. I've spoken with another gp today whom job shares with my regular gp regarding this matter. She said she is going to refer/speak to the liver unit at the Edinburgh Royal regarding my MRI and see if these two hemangiomas are causing the pain. After I discussed that fair enough if I wasn't experiencing symptoms no treatment required but I am. I'm also bloody tired most of the time with hardly any energy in me. Back ache and nausea.

My question is has anyone else had to have something similar size or sizes removed or treated with another method?

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Sorry to hear what your going through lovely. This is the NCT forum for pregnancy and childbirth so there will be minimal people who can help you. The British liver foundation do have forum on herr that you can search for via the top menu bar and join who will have lots of people who can help. Best of luck x

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Thanks Bexicles2016 I realised I posted in the wrong place last night. Sorry and thanks xx

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