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Sex when in early stages of pregnancy


I’m currently 6 weeks pregnant and during sex I did bleed a small amount and wanted to know if this is normal?

This is our first baby and I haven’t been to see a midwife yet for my first appointment (it is booked though btw).

I know sex can’t harm the baby but as it’s our first it did shock me when I saw the blood.

If someone has the time to let me know any information on this I would appreciate it.

I have read some bits about it online but would like to get some info from actual people going through it or have gone through it themselves.


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Hi hun. I was told by the midwife if I bled after sex then to wait until I was 13 weeks before having sex again xx

THis happened to me when I was 10 weeks with my 2nd terrified the life out of me rushed to A&E had a scan then told it was old blood or just how it was 😐but I’ve now got a beautiful little girl aged 5 years.

Try not to worry or get in to see the doc for advice good luck Hun x

I think that is somewhat normal. Every women experiences blood around that time of the pregnancy. Usually the first 10 weeks have that. As far as you know it might had not been the sex that caused the blood. This is based on what I have heard tho. I have never been pregnant. Maybe try not worrying that much. The last thing you need is stress over small things. Just to make sure tho, pay you MD a visit. After a scan things will be clear. I am sure there is nothing. You will have a beautiful angel in a very short time! Is this your first baby? If you don't mind me asking... Wish you all the best my friend. God bless you xxoo

hmarkson in reply to Alessia

I'm sorry but every woman does not experience blood at that time during a pregnancy, or indeed at any point during pregnancy.

Alessia in reply to hmarkson

You don't have to be sorry. If anything I should apologize... You see I have never been pregnant myself. This is all based on what I have heard or red. I am sorry if I am spreading missinformation. I am just trying to be supportive. That doesn't justify spreading lies but... I hope you can understand me a little. No bad intentions. I guess that sums it up very well. Sorry for my late reply. Also thank you for the information. I need to be more careful from now on. I will keep this in my mind. Wish you all the best dear. Lots of love xxoo

Kerrystewart in reply to Alessia

Yes this is our first baby. We have been trying for 8 months so was so excited when we found out 😃

Alessia in reply to Kerrystewart

Did you visit a dr? Did you find the cause? Are things clear now? I hope so... Furthermore I hope that it was nothing serious. That is some great news. I am really happy for you dear. Kind of can imagine your excitement. I know how I would feel if that happened to me. Try relaxing from now on. Things will hopefully be fine. In a short while you'll be a mum... A great one I may add! So prepare for that! Also treat yourself. As a future great mum you deserve it. Kisses and hugs for you dear xoxoxo

I think that generally you're advised to not have sex if it causes pain or bleeding - if you're about 6 weeks then I'd wait until your first midwife appointment, which should be in a couple of weeks, and get their advice.

I have nothing to add that hasn’t already been said - but I wanted to say I’m impressed you have the energy and inclination to even think about sex at 6 weeks 😂

Kerrystewart in reply to jenna01

Haha. Well my partner has been working away all week and he obviously missed me. Have found the sickness really hard to deal with.

I had blood after sex at 6 weeks it wasn’t just a little bit I was quite worried but it stopped straight away and I read it can be normal. I didn’t have any more until 12 weeks started bleeding had scan and mc. Baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks so I wonder if that bleed had anything to do with it. Ask your midwife if you’ve got one yet or ring your hospital they might give u a scan.

Kerrystewart in reply to gcw104

Yes I’ve got a midwife appointment booked for Friday so will see what they say. It only last for that day really and I did take another pregnancy test and still all ok. Didn’t want to panic but suppose it comes with it being the first one more so. 😬

Hope everything is ok it’s just a worry x

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