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Period after 5 weeks,post-delivery??


Hi! I had my third baby 5 weeks ago,normal delivery(no tears/stitches,etc).And my post-partum lochia last about 3 weeks,just like previous two.After 3 weeks almost stopped. Now,after 5 weeks I'm bleeding again(bright red like period..)It's not heavy bleading,started 2 days ago. I am fully breast feeding, on demand , at about 2-3 hours!

I breastfeed my second baby (which is 2 years now) till 5 months and my periods came after two months and a half after birth. But this time I'm just 5 weeks post-partum 😮???

Anyone's got an idea about what's happening? Thx

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I’d speak to gp xx

Unusually if breastfeeding but everyone one is different... I didn't have a period till my daughter completely stopped feeding at 14months! (And only fed her at night for last two months!)

Ooh...lucky you. Seems quite awkward for me 😕😕....I think I'll see GP next week..thanks for answer!

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