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Introduction and question about symptoms


Hi, I'm new to the NCT community so I will try and keep this as short as possible.

I'm 35 and currently 8+4 with my second pregnancy - although my first one last May ended in a mmc very early on and we only discovered it at our 7 week scan. Both pregnancies were a result of IVF treatment and I had a failed round between the two. At the beginning of this one I had spotting on and off for almost two weeks, had two early scans plus my ivf clinic one and baby is fine, we saw and heard the heartbeat and baby is growing well, they could see no signs of bleeding either which is good and we have now been discharged from our ivf clinic to NHS care although I'm still waiting for my doctors to assign me a midwife and get me booked in for a 12 week scan.

Due to the mmc last year and the road we've had to take to get pregnant this is a very precious pregnancy. At around 7 weeks I started getting all day on and off nausea and had to really pick and choose what I could eat. However since about 7+5 my nausea has really died down and I can now eat most things, the only time I really get nausea is if I haven't eaten for a while or if I've had a nap I feel sick when I wake up until I eat something.

I've had sore boobs since I got pregnant but again - the last few days they aren't as sore as they have been, still sore but not as bad.

I was wondering if my symptoms calming down a bit is anything to worry about, I've only been sick about 4 times in my life so maybe I am just going to be lucky and not really suffer with morning sickness but as mad as it sounds the nausea was a comfort to me. Could it just be down to hormones calming down now the placenta is taking over?

In the last couple of days one symptom has got worse which is tiredness - yesterday I had to have two naps and was still ready for bed by 8.45pm.

Just after some reassurance I guess. Thanks for readng

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My clinic told me symptoms can die down around 8 weeks due to hormones levelling out. Didn’t stop me worrying though xx

Yes the same happened with me in 2 of my pregnancies and I worried the same but everything was fine. Congratulations on your pregnancy, all the best x


Perfectly normal for symptoms to come and go throughout the pregnancy Lovely. I had the same with both my pregnancies. The tiredness sucks but it does improve for a while in your second trimester!...then comes back again near the end. Nap and sleep as much as you can x

Thank you ladies - it's so worrying each day when I wake up and there's no nausea and my boobs are less and less painful. I feel in these early weeks there should be more support available for women, after what I've gone through to get here I can't help but worry. Wish my midwife would call and book me in so I can talk to her about my worries

I found my midwife didn’t care that I had ivf so was treated like a normal pregnant women. I also didn’t see her til 9+6 weeks x

I'm hoping that as it's ivf and I've had a previous mmc and scares in this one that they might take pity on me but I guess we'll wait and see

I hope they do coz I had exactly the same as you and I was expecting more compassion really but she just didn’t get it. Even when I was overdue there was no rush even though I said I was getting worried and wanted her here x

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