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Hi there a Little help please I found out am pregnant but am confuse because my last period ended on the 1st of March reason been confused is there’s two protential fathers I had unprotected sex on the 4th of March with one guy and then on the 7th of March with another am confused of when I conceived and for which guy I did a pregnancy test and it says am 5 weeks please help thanks

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Hi obviously having sex only days apart with different men you can’t really be sure only a DNA test will be able to tell you.

You won’t know until you do dna so probably best you’re honest from now or this could cause major heartache

This is a stressful situation for you. UnfortunateLy you won’t find out till dna as dates are so close. Same thing happened to my friend who was only ever with two men, an ex long term boyfriend and a very new boyfriend. She told both of them them the situation and only one stuck around during the pregnancy and turned it to be the father. The new boyfriend wouldn’t answer the phone after she told him the situation and the ex stuck around. She was so stressed about it. Turned out good in the end. She’s now married to him and has 2 other kids with him. Hopefully you get your happy ending Kezza12

Thank you I broke up with my partner for over 9 years and end up going out with a friend got drunk and that happened and then my partner came back 😭😭😭😭😭😭 so confused because my partner is the father of my other two kids and I don’t want the other guys baby but I don’t want an abortion as it’s not something I want to do but at the same time embarrass to tell him I did suck thing

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sjskittle in reply to Kezza12

Aw I’m feeling it for you. You know it’s the right thing to tell your partner. Think of how he will feel after the whole pregnancy and birth to find out or even guess baby is not his. Your pregnancy will be too stressful for you. Do it as soon as you can. There’s nothing wrong with what you did as these things happen. Instead of feeling embarrassed about it just change that to ok this is the way it is and this is your option. You need to concentrate on you and baby.

I really don’t want to give you hope in any way/Crash any hope... it’s a bit of a thought process and don’t base any conclusions on that, as the others say only a DNA test can confirm.

But if your period was on 1st March and you had sex on 4th March, you will have been quite a few days away from ovulation... even with sperm surviving for up to 5 days, that’d mean this person’s sperm would’ve been gone by the 9th March. With a period on the 1st March it’s therefore unlikely it could have been from him...?

The other time was on the 7th, meaning sperm would be ‘around’ until the 12th...

Either way you must’ve had quite an early ovulation. Usually it is around Day 14, yours must’ve been by Day 12. I’d think it would be unlikely to have happened by Day 7!

Not sure this is any help and as our bodies are all so different, you won’t get any clear answer until you’ve done that DNA test but if your dates are right then I would argue it’s less likely going to be from the first encounter...

How are you kezza??

Thanks for asking but no I am not I decided to tell my partner the truth and put it this way all hell broke loose I guess we are over he says he can’t even if it’s his he can’t forget

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Lyndsaytw79 in reply to Kezza12

Give him time x

I don’t think he will forgive he’s the stubborn type plus he made it clear I shud get rid or if I don’t he won’t be able to look at the child especially the fact that it could be another guy

The truth suck but am glad I told him he’s going crazy that I might risk his life by having unprotected sex with someone else I don’t blame him tho I would be upset aswel

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Lyndsaytw79 in reply to Kezza12

Risk his life? Is he meaning HIV? You will have all these tests done at your booking appointment anyway. I don’t actually think he would be glad of you having a termination in the future when he can think rationally. There’s a really good chance this is his baby, and the not EVER knowing will eat away at him too. He will calm down. And yes I’d be upset too, but for now I’d just give him space. Does the other guy know?

Yes he means hiv I think it’s best I get rid of it am so confuse and hurt that I did that to him I feel so ashamed of myself

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LucyJJ in reply to Kezza12

What ‘did you do to him’?

You two broke up, you didn’t cheat on him. Yes it is unfortunate that you are now pregnant and it is unsure who the dad is, and your partner is probably hurt, but you haven’t done anything wrong. Yes you could’ve probably used a condom to be safer but still you haven’t done anything wrong!

Don’t rush a decision that you may regret later on (and then blame him for having terminated). You need to do what’s right for you, but take your time to think about it all carefully.

Do what you thinks best, to be fair you were on a break who says he didn’t have sex with anyone else? If you decide to keep the baby they screen you for sti’s anyway. Good luck on what you decide I think you did the right thing telling the truth.

Thanks Hun it sucks but I feel better telling the truth a lot of the guilt and stuff are gone now to decide what to do

Don’t forget he left! And you weren’t to know that he was gonna come back. Don’t let him call all the shots. Don’t be ashamed.

It takes a lot of courage to do what you did. He will need time and if it’s meant to be it will be but u need to take care of yourself and baby. Just because he is stubborn doesn’t mean he won’t settle with the idea of not knowing. I hope it all turns out good for you I really do. I’ve my fingers crossed for you. Xx

What happened kezza12? Hope everything worked out OK x

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