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Could this be part of my mucus plug?


Hi everyone this is my first time writing anything on here. Im 34 weeks pregnent and iv have lost some snot like stuff (Sorry to be blunt) what could this be? The midwife from the hospital said could be thrush but got 1 of them new tests and i dont have anything like that. Its my 3rd baby and iv not experanced this before as my fist plug came in 1 and with my second i had a c section. Please be nice everyone thank you.

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Did you go in to get checked? They might swab for infection incase it's your mucus plug. I lost my plug during my induction first time round and don't really remember but the same thing happened to me this time about 16 weeks, I panicked and phoned in. They said if I didn't get any more not to worry, I didn't so just left it. I think bits can come away and rebuild itself. Although I was earlier than the viability week. I know CM increases in the 3rd trimester but you'd know that being your 3rd. If your worried id ask to go in for a swab and a CTG

Thanks very much

It could be. For some women mucus plug dress for month - and it builds itself up again to protect baby.x

Thank you


I lost my mucus plug 3 times whilst pregnant, first time was at 22 weeks. If it is just a bit, it's classes as a partial plug loss and is nothing to worry about, plug take around 2 weeks to reform, just take it a bit easier, avoid heavy lifting or any thing that involves any pressure on your pelvis floor.

The only time you need to worry is if it is a significant amount, there are fresh (red) blood streaks in it, or it smells really bad.

Ok thank u

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