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I am 7 weeks pregnant. At the start I had a number of sign that I was pregnant. Sore boobs, feeling sick. These signs have now gone away for some reason I feel that my baby has die. I now feel normal. Do u think I have anything to worry about

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Ohh gosh you poor thing, is this your first? It's absolutely normal to have your symptoms come and go and it doesn't always indicate something is wrong. Where are you based? I had an early scan when I was 6 weeks pregnant and this did help to reassure me. Those first 12 weeks before the first scan are such a rollercoaster of emotions and worry! It's so normal and you aren't alone.

The best thing to remember is you are doing everything right, and you must trust your body to work it out for you. Be kind to yourself, plan a nice outing or trip to the cinema - get your mind off the worrying! Either way - you WILL be okay. Xx

Thank you, yes it’s my first. Just worried that it would not work out

It's so hard isnt it to feel so out of control of something! It's easy to say - but try and remain positive. Can you do any meditation or get a message? Speaking about it helps, is there anyone close to you you can vent to in person? The main thing to remember is relax. You got this!! Distraction helped me a lot in the early days...that and lots of hot chocolates!

I was told by my fertility clinic that hormones level out at around 8 weeks and symptoms can lessen/go. The very next day I had no sore boobs at all and I’ve never suffered from morning sickness so I just felt like me except being very tired

Hi that must be so worrying for you. I will be completely honest and say I had the same feelings so I understand how you feel, my sickness went and I remember googling online and lots of people said they started to feel better and their baby was fine, but for some people sadly their baby had stopped growing, and that turned out to be the case for myself. I just knew, I had a bad feeling about it :(.

The next pregnancy I got an early scan at 9 weeks which was really reassuring and I also didn’t want to wait til 12 weeks incase it had happened again. So I would suggest if you are worried get a private scan done and put your mind out of its worrying either way. Your baby may be perfectly fine and then in that case you won’t spend the next 5 weeks going out of your mind so it will still have been worth it xx

Hi you can pay privately for an early scan or you might get one on NHS if you explain your concerns. My symptoms disappeared and I had no morning sickness all pregnancy, but I had suffered previous miscarriage so I was allowed an early scan as suffering high anxiety. Good luck x

Im not sure if this is nation wide butbi have just goggled private scans and in my local area, you need to be at least 8wks for a scan. I'm due a scan nezt Thursday and like you a bit apprehensive if all okay. I have prevously had a delayed miscarriage and found around 10.5wks baby had died around 9wks old from growth. However, I'm not yet 8wks so the scan is pointless 😣.

I do hope you get assurance maybe from EPU if possible and all is okay. X

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The problem is that if you scan too early they may not find anything resulting in more worry!

I had a bleed around 7 weeks with my first and was scanned. They only found a sac leaving me to worry even more. They said it could be that the baby was just not developing/me having miscarried, or that it was just a bit too early to see anything. I had to wait an agonising week to go back. By that point there was a heartbeat and this is now my 4 year old.

With my second I feel down the stairs around 8 weeks. A&E couldn’t scan that night so I had to wait (again, an agonising wait so I can sympathise with you!), and the next morning there was the heartbeat, so all good.

Those little ones are tough cookies! :-)

If I were you, and if you can afford it, I’d go for a p I ate scan in a week or so. I’m a naturally anxious person and with both pregnancies I went for additional private scans to reassure myself. We are in London and I got appointments for around £50-£60.

If you are not feeling right or are concerned something is wrong I’d pop round to the early pregnancy unit in your area, they are often very sumpathetic and may agree to a scan as well.

All the best!

I really wouldn’t worry yourself hun. Having no symptoms is completely normal- it has no bearing on how well your pregnancy your pregnancy is going. I’m 9 weeks with my second & feel fantastic, & I was the same with my first who is now almost 4. I did have some bloating to start with but now that’s settled so I can actually enjoy food again & be comfortable.

Some of us are just very lucky x

Hi all

Thank you so much for your kind responses and advise. I took your advise and found a private clinic to do scan. I was lucky enough, there was a small heart beat. I feel so much better now. Trying to give the baby a stress free mom now.

Can’t thank u enough for all your kindness

Glad to hear you and your babe are doing well . My advice is to simply enjoy your pregnancy xxxx

Fantastic news Ccopeland!! All best wishes for you & bump in 2018!! (Have been there - delayed miscarriage at 7 weeks, baby should be 9 weeks or so in Jan 2014, pregnant again July 2014. Had early scan on NHS at 9 weeks for reassurance, saw midwife then & had 12 week scan, saw midwife again round 28 weeks - rubbish midwife service, no contact - now our tiny tyke little boy will be 3 in April). Relax, chill, limit caffiene, pongy cheese, etc. All will be well, use every opportunity to put feet up / not carry bags, etc.)

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Yes I will thanks. My husband is already complaining that i’m spoiled

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