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Having a bad day

I’m almost 30 weeks and until now, I haven’t been overly emotional but today has been rotten. I’m feeling very low and can’t snap out of it. I’ve been crying today for the first time in ages. I just wondered if anyone had any good techniques to pick yourself up when you’re too tired, too knackered and generally a bit down about being pregnant. Thanks.

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Hugs. Its OK to feel low, don't beat yourself up about it. I find music is my pick me up. The soundtrack from Trolls, in particular "I will get back up again" is my go to when I'm feeling low - I started instructing a sling dance class a few weeks ago and I insisted this song was one of our dances, whenever I feel low now I just put it on and dance the stress away - might not work for you. Maybe some mindfulness, meditation, yoga/Pilates, gentle exercise is great to increase happy hormones. Hope you feel better soon xxx


Thanks. Music is usually my saviour too but it just wasn’t working. I ended up having a bath (which I never have), read my book and had an early night. I’m still shattered but in a far better state of mind today. Thanks for your message and wise words Winnie258 x

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Glad you're feeling better. A bath is sometimes the best thing ever.

Is this your first baby? Growing a baby is utterly exhausting and emotions/hormones are all over the place. My babies are 5 and 3 years old now, but I remember the emotional rollercoaster well. Take care, be kind to yourself. X


Yes, I gave in and just sat in the bath for a while.

It is my first although I have 2 step-daughters (8 & 13).

You’re right it is exhausting work growing a baby. I keep thinking I should be able to do everything I used to and at the same pace but I’m clearly not capable. I guess I just have to accept it and slow down as it’s getting me down.


Try a warm bath and relaxdaily channel on YouTube. A bit of quiet me time and pampering may help and get the baby daddy if he's in good contact with you to massage your back and legs with warm oil not putting pressure on just gentle warm rubbing. This releases tension from the muscles however don't let the bath be hotter than 38 Celsius! I had the same problems a week back at 28weeks.


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