4 week old. Goes through periods of a several hours where he won't stop crying

Hello everyone,

Wondering if anyone could answer this question please ...

When my four week old baby isn't asleep or feeding he is quiet often crying.

He'll go through periods sometimes 3 or 4 hours at a time where nothing soothes him.

Not holding, not feeding, not comforting, nothing. We've tried everything.

It's proper crying too like he's in pain.

However then he'll be fine for an or so again. Has anyone got any ideas?

Many many thanks,

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Sounds like it could be colic. Is he gassy, burpy? Make sure you wind him at every feed and you could try infacol/gripe water/colief to see if it helps.

If concerned might be worth asking your health visitor or gp

Thanks for the reply : )

I'm going to take him to the docs.

Yes not sure how good I am at winding him so could well be that.


My friends baby was like that and it was colic xx

Thanks for replying : ) Did you try the gripe water ? Did it work ?

Yes i think she did and it worked. Worth a try? Xx

Yes definitely

Thanks xx

Our daughter was exactly the same. It would start at about 5pm and she would not stop until about 11pm. Nothing we did helped and it was exhausting. It turned out to be colic, we tried coleif and gripe water in her milk. This helped a little bit but the real change came when we changed her milk to Aptamil Comfort milk after speaking with the GP. She’s now like a completely different baby, content and happy most of the time. If we get a crying period now it’s usually because she’s tired and will last about 10 minutes instead of hours! If you are formula feeding this could be a option, if your breastfeeding then it could be something in your diet such as dairy. I would definitely speak to your GP or HV or equivalent. Also you may have already tried this but baby massage is good for helping with bottom wind if that is part of the issue. You tube has some great videos or attending a class.

It does get better with time but I hope you find something that helps.

Good luck x

Thanks for reply. I'm breast feeding so I will research what to eat and what not to eat.

I went to the gp she said it could be colic but some babies are criers so it's just unfortunate

Not particularly helpful!

I will ring the HV and ask her.

Thankyou xx

Definitely speak to a health professional, try different milk/eating different things if your breastfeeding.

Make sure baby is getting enough naps during the day as they struggle when they are overtired.

Maybe try a cranial osteopath, I took both of mine and it made quite a difference. Ask for recommendations in local mummy groups for a good one.

Do you wear baby in a sling so you can walk around without your arms getting tired and so you can do things for yourself? If not find your local sling library meet and get fitted with a good ergonomic sling.

You're doing a great job, keep going, you can do this. Trust your mummy instincts and keep asking questions until you are satisfied by the answers. x

Aww thanks for the encouragement it is a real struggle when they seem to cry for not reason : (

I'll try the sling meet.

I've got one but it's pretty useless as doesn't fit well so baby doesn't like it.

Thanks again xx

As the others have said, sounds like it could be colic. Our son suffered from it and he cried a lot when he was that young. It was awful and we were first time parents as well. Our daughter seems so calm and quiet in comparison! Speak to your GPthough.

Thanks xx

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