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Ultrasound gave me different results

I went to the first doctor to check myself and I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant, I decided to go to the doctor I'm used to and 2 weeks later and he also said I'm 6 weeks pregnant still. Could something be wrong with my baby? Since I found out I haven't really had morning sickness, no bleeding just normal cramps and exhaustion. I'm really worried what could be the problem.

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They work it off the first day of your last period. They won't actually be able to tell how far along you are until you've actually had a scan.

My friend didn't find out she was pregnant until 21 weeks purely because she had no symptoms at all. She only found out because she went for a kidney check up.

We have had 2 miscarriages. Period pain type cramps are normal, as long as you're not bleeding or having any brown discharge then eveeything should be fine hun :) x


I wouldn’t worry lovely. The Doctor got my weeks wrong by 4 weeks because what I thought was a period was a bleed whilst i was pregnant. You will get a much more accurate due date at your 12 week dating scan. This is the date everyone, including your doctor, will go by. I had no symptoms in the first trimester of this pregnancy which was lovely! Good luck with the rest of our pregnancy x

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