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first time pregnancy with IVF

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Hello Ladies,

I am pregnant for the first time with IVF which I am doing on my own with a donor. I have had two scans at then EPU and this is my first transfer. I am 6 weeks and 2 days and although I have had a couple of scares things are progressing well. Looking forward to my 12 week scan on the 11th December.

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Hi! I’m also an IVF pregnancy now 26 weeks with a few scares at the beginning. Hope you are well otherwise! X

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Thank you for replying and congratulations on your IVF pregnancy! Hope all is going well. xx

Congratulations! Glad things progressing well, hope you are feeling well, not too much morning sickness/tiredness etc. I couldn’t keep awake during my first trimester. Are you going to find out the sex or keep it a surprise? Xx

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I am not too bad at all really.. just a bit of heartburn and tiredness. I am going to find out as I am a bit impatient to know if my feelings are correct.. I think a boy but we shall see..xx

Aw glad your feeling ok, I never really suffered with heartburn but had a few friends who struggled and lived on gaviscon and mints! I needed to find out I was too impatient and it was easier for buying stuff. I loved going to the scans and seeing her on screen and then hearing her heartbeat. I loved feeling the kicks too, enjoy your pregnancy and let us know if you find out the sex xx

Thanks for you lovely message. It seems that chips and croissants take it away for about two hours then back again... small price to pay for a gift from God. I will keep everyone posted as soon as I have the gender scan..

all the best



I had PGD, it’s also our first child. Im now 16 weeks and Very anxious.

Its a very anxious time. More so than I expected. Congratulations to you and your partner. xx

Welcome to the club. I’m 37weeks pregnant with twins(boy and girl) through IVF. It has been an interesting journey. God will see you through.

Thanks you so much for your lovely reply!! A MASSIVE congratulations to you too!! Exciting times for us all!

Yes I agree.. God has seen me this far and I'm sure he will see me through the rest.


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