Light cramps and feel pressured lower abdominal

I am having light cramps and feel really pressure down lower abdominal I am 14 weeks. Is it normal it’s my first pregnancy so get worried and think too much

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  • We have lost 2 babies before becoming pregnant with our rainbow boy. I'm now 17+6. I have also had light cramping, period type pain in the early stages and then on and off. I'm still getting some light cramping. We had a scan a week and half ago and our boy is happy and healthy!

    It's normal to worry. As long as you haven't had any bleeding and the cramping doesn't get a lot worse then it's fine hun :). It's probably just all stretching to make room for your baby as they're growing, they're still sitting quite low and your uterus is stretching too. Try not to worry. All the best! :) x

  • Thank you yh no bleed just cramps and it was quite uncomfortable feeling didn’t happen before since yesterday it’s like on and off.

  • Mine has been on and off. I've had pain to that comes and goes but as I've had no bleeding or brown discharge, I'm not concerned and neither is my midwife as he has a strong heartbeat.

    As long as the pain isn't constant then you should be fine :). Every twinge I've had I've asked if it's normal because I've worried so much but it's all new to me as we haven't gotten this far before and he's growing and I'm stretching so it's normal to feel all kinds of twinges :).

  • True I agree it’s all new experience small small things matter

  • I'm 14 weeks too and get the same, sometimes if I stand up too quick it's like a really sharp stabbing pain! Have been assured it's round ligament pain, our ligaments stretching to make room for the baby. Very normal in second trimester ☺️ xx

  • I’m 13 weeks and having the same. We lost our first baby earlier this year at 11 weeks. Those cramps were very different! And accompanied with bleeding. I was worried slightly this time round with all the on and off cramping and ‘heavy’ feelings but we had our first scan on Monday and everything looks fine. The midwives have reassured me it’s my uterus stretching and making room. I feel pretty uncomfortable some days but it’s apparently completely normal! If anything changes, however, such as it becomes more painful or you get bleeding, please make sure you get seen by someone xx

  • True agree

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