5 weeks 6 days

Hi ladies, I m 5weeks 6 days today, I have done four different tests 12 days ago. I m sure I am pregnant. However, except sometimes I can't keep my eyes open, I have no any other symptoms, morning sickness or lost appetite. Is it normal?


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5 Replies

  • I had exactly the same. tiredness wore off in the second trimester x

  • I'm 6 weeks today and I'm exactly the same, I feel great. Most nights I'm sleeping 8/9 hours which is a lot for me but I'm going with it. My breasts are quite sore but that's it. We should be thanking our lucky stars we're not struck down with morning sickness, but sometimes I do worry too, anyone I've spoken too has just told me not to worry as I must be one of the lucky ones. Long may it last 😊

  • Thanks ladies! We are in the group of 25% of lucky women

  • You are lucky! I had the opposite. Could only sleep 2-3 hours a night or kept waking up 5-6 times for a wee, absolute nightmare. Coming up to second trimester now and it's starting to wear off, managed 8 hours last night couldn't believe it lol

  • I spoke to blooming soon. Just entered the third trimester and now can't even stand the thought of certain foods for feeling sick.

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