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leaking nipples and very tender and sore ?

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I am 35 and i was sterilised 4 years ago my cycle have been up and down since i have been with my new partner sexual life is very active. i have taken a pregnancy test and it has come up negative all the time my lift boob is very tender and heavy and sore and leaks like egg white discharged and my right boob is the same but its dark cloudy none of this makes since in any of it all need advice x

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Go to doctors definitely, I don't want to scare you but these changes can be signs of breast cancer. Might not be anything but you need a doctor to check.

You really need to go see a doctor. Discharge from boobs is not an early pregnancy symptom and fundamentally, most people's milk doesn't actually come in while they are pregnant. It's not unheard of, and it does happen but for most people milk only comes in after birth and certainly only starts leaking then.

Also if you are sterilised it's highly unlikely you are pregnant. As someone above me has said, I don't want to scare you but discharge from your boobs can actually be a symptom of some pretty nasty stuff, including breast cancer, so you really need to go and see a doctor.

Agreed with other posts. Nipple discharge doesn't mean you're pregnant (especially if you're sterilised!) so please get it checked

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You can google ayurveda you will understand how powerful it is.

I have heard of a sterilized lady who got pregnant twice and had healthy babies. My breast leaked white milky discharge at 16 weeks pregnancy.

I'm a bit confused. My youngest child is 17 and I got sterilised 16 years ago. Is it normal to still get milk

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Not really no. You should see your doctor. It's unusual even for a pregnant woman to produce more than colostrum before about halfnwaybthrough pregnancy. If you are defibatelybnot pregnant something else is going on with your breasts please go see a doctor asap

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