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5 or 9 weeks!!

Hi ladies,

I just found out last week that I'm pregnant, i was 4 days late and took a test, the "positive" line on the test was the first to appear after 2 seconds. Last months period was very light is it possible I could be 9 weeks? I feel great no sickness just sore boobs. The lover part of my stomach is quite firm. My Doc dismissed this when I told her at my confirmation GP appointment. Any insight would be kindly accepted as this is my first 😊😊

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The first day of your last period is day 1. Count the weeks from then. You should be offered a scan at week 12-14 which will give a more accurate date


Implantation bleeding can happen tends to be very light and not as long or continuous as a period. So depends how light your period was? Did you think it strange during the actual period or just in retrospect?


Thanks ladies, i did think it was a little strange at the time but the pregnancy was a surprise so didn't think much of it after, I suppose I won't really find out until after the first scan 😆😆



If you mention this to your doctor / midwife they might decide to send you for an early scan to check. You can also pay for an early scan at a clinic if you really wanted to know.


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