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cramps on ovulation day?

can someone advice me please? Please ignore if its a stupid question...

I never had cramps on my ovulation day but last time after +ve OPK I had a severe cramps, To Note,we had intercourse before day of ovulation. So was that cramps happened because of conception ? anyways that ended up with Periods.

But this month no cramps ,I could not figure out my ovulation day as all OPK is showing negative result. But on my fertile window my cramps.. I don't know why i could not get any positive OPK this month( tested 2 times for a week on fertile window)

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I only get cramps just before period starts. Most women ovulate mid cycle. Work out the average number of days in your cycle (start of 1st period and start of next period).

Sperm stays alive for up to 7 days inside you, so you may get pregnant if you have sex 7 days before ovulating.

An unfertilised egg dies after 3 days so you could get pregnant up to 3 days after ovulation.

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Other signs of ovulation: you feel the cold less. You need less sleep than usual and are more energetic. You want sex all the time, your hair and skin are virtually problem free..

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