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5 month old teething baby in too much pain to nurse.


Hi, my baby is 5 months old and has been teething for the past 2 months but recently it has gotten worse and I struggle to feed her. She is breastfed.

She clearly wants to nurse but pulls off all the time, cries, puts her fists deep in her mouth etc.

When she finally manages to suck for a minute she is so tired she falls asleep and falls of the breast.

I am worried she isn't getting enough and that my milk supply will suffer. I don't have time to express as i am spending all my time trying to nurse her( she used to take 20 minutes but will all the pulling off and trying to latch it can take an hour before she's comfortable enough to suck).

I am at my wits end. I feel like i nurse her all day even though she is not getting much to eat. I don't have time for anything else.

I have noticed her behaviour getting progressively worse and i think it's gonna peak soon. How long can this last? Has anyone else struggled with something like this? x

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Have you tried some teething gel on her gums before feeding? Xx

Klaudia in reply to Nicki1984

Hi, yes, teething gel, calpol and she is still in pain😔

Her molars are coming in first and I've heard that they are most painful. I don't know what to think anymore.

Nicki1984 in reply to Klaudia

Poor thing hopefully they will come through quickly and back to normal feeding. Otherwise see if health visitor can advise? X

Klaudia in reply to Nicki1984


roxannacar in reply to Klaudia

Are you sure it's teething? Molars don't come in first the front bottom teeth do. I'd get her checked out to make sure it's not thrush

Klaudia in reply to roxannacar

I amsure, spoke to hv and she said it can happen, she had a look and it's definitely teeth, her upper front ones are coming in to, no sign of the bottom front teeth. She said it's not very common but can happen. x

Have you tried Astons and Parsons teething powders just half the amount before a feed, Or make put sticks in water in the fridge to make ice cubes to let her suck/rub round gums n cool them before feeding, do u use a bottle at all cause if you gave her some cold water to suck on to cool her mouth and even teething ring out freezer/fridge.

Klaudia in reply to Kaza44

Thanks, i'll try that. Xxx

Hope something helps xx

Express from the other breast whilst she's feeding that'll help with the supply I know it's not easy! I found the teething powder did work wonders and dentinox seemed to work better than bonjela for my son. Good luck!

Klaudia in reply to LHow81

Thanks. x

I know it sounds hippy but get her a natural amber necklace, they're about 6 or 7 quid on ebay. My son has worn his since he was about 6 months old and I swear to you it helps. We lent it to a friend for a day once thinking he was fine and he started dribbling, fist in mouth and got a sore bottom back within 12 hours- I would honestly swear by it xx

Klaudia in reply to amazed


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