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Have I lost my mucus plug?

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Hey everyone!

I'm 32 weeks pregnant today and the past two maybe three weeks my discharge has increased significantly. Anyway today when I wiped, it was like a big blob of jelly. Bright white in colour, no smell to it whatsoever just a jelly like substance. I've heard stories about people losing there plugs and it being bloody etc so I was just wondering if it was possible for it to be clear?

I've been having what I think are contractions, irregular so I put them down to braxton hicks so I'm just wondering if this could maybe be the start?

Inexperienced as it's my first one 🙈 If anyone has had a similar experience please can you let me know so I know whether to start preparing for my little one 🙈

Thank you!

7 Replies

It does sound like a mucus plug... It's likely super sticky jelly like doesn't have to be bloody. I'd probably give midwives a call as you're 32 weeks. I know you can loose it quite early on but I think worth double checking.

ajsx in reply to roxannacar

Yeah I've spoke to them they said it sounds like it as long as I'm not losing fluid not to worry but I could be in slow labour ☺️X

Hi there, please let us know how you get on - I've been having the same, really thick discharge (like sticky egg white consistency) for about 2 weeks and I'm only 31 weeks today. 2 weeks ago it was tinged with brown/red streaks so I went in to triage for a check up and there were no signs of labour, cervix still in tact, midwives weren't concerned (and I have polyhydramnios - excess amniotic fluid around baby - so likely to go in to an earlier labour). I think the amount of mucus just generally increases in your last trimester.

I have a midwife appt at 9am this morning and is something in going to bring up again - I've also had a really upset stomach for 4 days and have heard this can be a sign of your body prepping for labour - but who knows, all this could last for weeks! I want to hang on until at least 37 weeks, I don't think my little one is fully cooked just yet! Will let you know what the midwife says...

😊 x

ajsx in reply to Clearslug

Hey so I rang triage yesterday and they basically said not to worry. From the aches and pains I described, and the blob of jelly almost, it does sound like labour isn't far off. But it can basically be weeks or days, that's unfortunately just slow labour. I haven't lost fluid yet I don't think, but I constantly wear a pad due to too much discharge and every time I wipe my pads soaked but I never know whether that's fluid or discharge - yuk! I'd much rather him hang on in there until 37 weeks too but if he's ready he's ready 🙈 Good luck Hun let us know what the midwives say x

Clearslug in reply to ajsx

Well that's reassuring, frustrating not to know when baby might come though, but I suppose it's always the case!

From what others have said on this post it seems as though this can happen weeks in advance, these babies like to keep us on our toes!

I've just got back from my midwife appt and they weren't worried - she said in the last tri it's perfectly normal to have a lot of thick discharge and it's just our bodies reaction to the increase in hormones. She said as long as it's not blood stained, foul smelling it itchy then it's nothing to worry about. Hope you can hold on for a few more weeks!! 😊 x

I had this quite early on with my son, maybe around 34 weeks. Then when he finally came at 42, I had the 'bloody show'. I was worried I would go into labour really early!

I lost some of mine at 35 weeks and was having a lot of braxton hicks and cramping and it was blood stained. I rang the triage and they told me to keep an eye on it but things settled down. My community midwife said he'll probably with us a bit early. He came at 38 weeks, when I was in labour I lost more of my plug which was blood stained. I think they say that it can grow back if you only loose some of it. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. If your worried about anything don't hesitate to contact the midwifes xx

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