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Am i pregnant? Has anyone else experienced this

Hello, I am really confused at the minute, at the start of the week I decided to take a home pregnancy test and it came back as a very faint positive, i did another one as it was a cheap superdrug own, so i got a clear blue, that also came back as a very faint positive, I have been being sick everyday/night I then did another the day after as i still couldnt believe it and again, positive but very faint again, so thats 3 positives. I got 2 in the pack and did the other one to show my boyfriend and i was really confused so i fished out the positives out of the bin (i know disgusting) but i was 100% certain. Then i went to the walk in centre and it was negative there aswell. I showed her the test and she said they are definately positive so she isnt sure what is going on...ive had the symptoms, can anyone give me any advice?I Also my period was due on the 29th (regular periods) i am aware its not long but i dont know why it would show up on the first 3 and not on the others including the doctors ones...

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Try going to your gp and they will provide a blood test


You can't rely on old tests, you have to read within 5 minutes and after they are unreliable as they can change. Were they positive within. First 5 mins? If so its worth seeing your gp.


No it wasnt out of the time it was straight away.. Ive got an appontment for monday. Thanks


i have to say, i believe you are pregnant. if you are not sure about pregnancy test results, buy one more and do it the first thing in the morning. even faint line is a positive result, it just mean that its still very early.

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Thank you. My positives were last week so im going to do another one tomorrow or tuesday morning. Thanks for the advice


So Frankie - any news?! I think you are pregnant? I had two faint positives (but I did them late at night and I drink a power of water during the day - does that make a difference I don't know!)...did another first thing in the morning and it was a lot darker. Hope you get the result you want??


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