Trapped nerve

Hey girls.

Have any of you's had a trapped nerve in pregnancy? At around 12 weeks pregnant I started getting this pain in my lower back/ leg that when I moved certain ways sent a shooting pain all down my body, I mentioned it to the midwife who said it would be a trapped nerve and the baby laying on it can cause it happen. I kept getting it for about 1 week then nothing.

I'm now 22 weeks pregnant and have been getting the same thing, only much much worse. Paracetamol does nothing and it's got to the point where I sometimes get stuck in the bath because I can't put pressure on one side of my body. I can't lay down because this shooting pain happens. I have actually never been in so much pain with anything in all my life. I literally sit in tears with it and today and tonight has been especially bad as it's been constant for 24 hours and nothing eases it

I've googled it and it just keeps saying it's a trapped nerve or scianta and there nothing anyone can do. But I currently don't have a midwife to phone as I've moved from uni back home and I've only just registered at a doctors back at home and I'm waiting for a referral to a midwife.

Any tips or help? As I can't carry on like this. Thanks in advance xxx

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I'm not pregnant (yetπŸ˜‡) but suffer with sciatica so know your pain! Ask your GP to refer you for physio. Have a read of this page, might be helpful!

Hope you get your dream baby soon ❀️

Thank you for your advice. I'm gonna mention it to my widwife next week when I see her xx

I totally get where you are coming from.

Are you able to have a pregnancy massage?

Failing that, on YouTube you can look up stretches & yoga positions to help relieve trapped nerve (free option 😊)

I've not heard of them to be honest? Can you get them done anywhere? I don't really like massages whenever my partner tries to give me one I laugh and fidget the whole way threw! But anything is worth a try at the min.

The only issue with the yoga and stretching is that I actually can't move with it.

Thanks for your advice xx

I would google pregnancy massage in your area, only go to therapist or spa's that say & can prove they are qualified to do pregnancy massage. They are professional & know what they're doing SO fidgeting should be minimal.

My personal experience, I sat in the bath upto my waist, not to hot but warm enough to warm up my deeper muscles, then lean forward as if I was going to touch my toes. It wasnt easy as bump get bigger but the warmth helps to relax the muscles around the trapped nerve, which can help release it.

I think I'll give the bath one a try in the morning when I get in. Baths and hot water bottles seem to help a little in fairness.

As for the massage I'm willing to try anything at this point so I'll have a look into that!! I'm due to have my princess until September so god only knows how I'm going carry on like this. I never had anything lien this before I got pregnant tho xxx

Good luck x I'm due September with my little prince 😊

My little girl is due September too!! You too sweet!! Xx

What date are you due?

17th Hun. You?

20th Sept 😊

Aw so close πŸ™Š

Did you try the hot bath?

I did. It doesn't do anything, it eases slightly whilst I'm in the bath but as soon as I get back out.

Lose lose situation- both excercise and rest aggravates it

That's naff!

Only other think I can think is stretches(again YouTube)rather than exercise

I had sciatica with my first. It was only two years ago but I am struggling to remember what helped! I know sitting on my pilates ball helped and getting up and walking a bit at work. It didn't last my whole pregnancy, my son must have moved at some point!! Hopefully it will be the same for you.

Oh I hope so 😭

Try sitting on a maternity or yoga ball, and bouncing or rocking side to side. If your tall go for the 75cm ball.

Something to do with how your pelvis tilts - really works for me.

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