urine pregnancy test negative but positive in ultrasound,could it be posible?

urine pregnancy test negative but positive in ultrasound,could it be posible?

Hi...i just want to ask something from you guys.Im thinking what happen to me...in my first 2child i have a normal pregnancy...but now im confuse here's my story,i had my last period at March 19 2017 i expected that April 19 i will have my period again but it doesnt come...so April 28 i decided to take a PT(pregnancy test)and its result to negative.I feel dizzy,i vomit,i have nusea and what pregnant feel i feel and still my period didnt come.May 2 2017,7am,I go to OB just to take a urine test bloodtest and ultrasound...i check my ultrasound and its show that i have small blood that the OB said its 6weeks baby but she said its small for 6weeks so maybe its 4 to 5weeks maybe then my urine test come but im shocked when she saw that its negative so she check again and she said i have baby...still i didnt do a blood test because still the doctor this time not coming and i need to go home because of my work..but im wondering it could be posible to have a negative urine test and positive ultrasound?anyone here have the same incidents like me or anyone here can give advice please i relly need.

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It must be possible,it has happened!you are pregnant

I'm kind of confused. If the OB told you you're pregnant then you must be. It is possible to have several false negatives. Congratulations!

Maybe you need to speak to your OB again. Being pregnant despite a negative urine test is possible (could take a while for it to catch up) but seems what youve written is somewhat confusing. What do you mean by having small blood? Are you having a follow up scn? In general if baby is v. small you might not be able to see a heart beat yet, however it should be seen in the following weeks.

hi everyone...after i check my ultrasound and get a weird result .i go to another hospital just to have a second opinion..in the same day...then she told me the same,they check my urine and blood all negative i ask her if this could be a possible she told me yeah but its very rare..she told me also that i need to take care because i have a weak pregnancy she told me if i didnt care theres a big possibility that i will lost my baby...then i go to work that day by the way im working in spa then we have alot costumer that day...im very very tired..then after that day May 3,2017 i go again in work im very happy for the result but still thinking about what the doctor said that i have weak pregnancy so again we have a lot of costumer that day and working in spa is very difficult so same as yesterday happen im tired again then its happen...night after my work i got severe pain in my lower tummy and lowerback...then after sufferring for pain in like more than 20mins i saw blood going down in my pants..im really really scared..then they rush me in the hospital but when im in the hospital they told me that its too late😭😭i already lost my baby...😭😭😭i dont know what to say that time...im just shocked then they do for me evrything.Now im in my house resting in a whole day and remembering that time happen...but my husband tell me dont loose hope because if you have weak pregnancy so theres a posibility that you will lose the baby anytime so i think its better to let it go now than wen its big.Then i realize that he's right..Evrything happened for a reason.Now im ok..just thinking that May 2,7am i saw the baby in ultrasound...then May 3,around 10pm i got blood and lost it😭😭its just only 1day i know i have baby😭😭😭Mybe still not time for me to have baby again....so by the way i just want to tell everyone what happened next to me..thanks for the comments..advice and greets.I appreciate😊

Oh, darling! I am so sorry for your lose. It must be hard, but as your dear husband said: don't loose the hope! Wishing you all the best, and a big hug,x


thanks really appreciated😊

Same thing happened with me I m also lost my baby

Jab main 3 months ki pregnant thi it's so painfull

But aaj mein apane dr ke pass ja Rahi hun because my periods late for 11days

Hi there I have had same problem with my son I found out when I was 10 weeks not alot of symptoms but 6 weeks ago my breasts got bigger and I was sick, tired had nausea all the usual pregnancy symptoms so tried a hpt but negative so went to docs and there test was negative aswell and so was the blood tests so she said because I kept getting negative results I wasn't to go for a scan but I have not had a period for 4 months now and my stomach is getting bigger so went back to the doctors and demanded an ultrasound as still having all the symptoms and feelings and keep getting negative results so I am just waiting for my scan date so hopefully there is a baby there and it's not something else making me have these symptoms and is frustrating me now

Just pray and everything will be alright...i will pray for you as well😊😊and i wish that its a good result😊😊🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻

Hi I just read your follow up story I am so sorry for your loss 😢 I have just lit a candle for your wee one 💛 thank you I just really need to know what is going on inside me as keep getting negative results x

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