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Late Period (sorry for the TMI's) Possibly pregnant?

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I am new here. I was using nexplanon for birth control but had it removed in October. From October to November, my period was all over the place. It sorted itself out where I got my period every 22 days for 3 days long. I been using the app which is somehow always right when it comes to estimating my period. I had unprotected sex the 10-12th of march when I was due for my period the 8th I believe. I figured it was just stress. I wasnt sexually active before that so I know I wasn't pregnant. I bleed from the 18th-20th in march. Now I was expecting my period the 13th but it still hasnt came. I took a pregnancy test a couple days ago (I think the day my period was due or maybe the day after) but it was in the afternoon.

Anyways, I know its possible Im pregnant but Do you think I am or its just my body messing around with me? Any brand suggestions on pregnancy test?

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Hi! Best thing to do is wait another day or two. I used tesco own brand pregnancy tests and they showed up positive four days after my missed period. Although theres a high chance you could be pregnant, sometimes waiting for your period to come can cause you to stress and delay it.

Nobody knows​ your body better than you. I used a clear blue test which I'd recommend. I got a positive a week after my period was due and it told me i was 2-3 weeks pregnant.

its just so unlikely me so Im panicking. Even during the most stressful , hard times I have had I was never late. I took a dollar store test today and it came up negative and truthfully I don't have enough money for a better test right now since my paycheck got messed up.

I used a Morrisons own test the day before I was late on because I just knew and it showed up. Then I used a blue clear one to tell me how many weeks!

I'd wait a few more days and test again, if still no period see your GP. I'd say it's unlikely you are pregnant but there is always that possibility. Hope everything works out for you xx

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Don't forget sometimes our bodies know where waiting for our period, and due to stress and other such things can cause it to happen late. Try to relax and stop thinking about it for a few days, and you may come on xx

My period is usually right on. I am now one week late. I was due the 13th and tested the 18th and got a negative. Now Im unsure when to test again. I hate waiting.

Its funny because I was on the same thing. I got mine takin out november 14 2017. My periods was all over the place too. I had mine in for 9 years going every 3years geting it switched out.

We tried and tried I took pregnancy test. I was going to give up. I thought I was pregnant some times. But turns out it was just gas. My periods finally got normal last only 4 days. I dl ovia I tried other apps but ovia is right on track with me.

This time I think I really am pregnant. I been cramping everyday thats the uterus stretching. I have clear discharge everytime I wipe. I feel nausea sometimes. I cant take test till tomorrow first response early detection 6 days before period. But I have got to be because my cramps for my period is way worse and its only 2 days before my period I have them. Mines on the 30th but ive been cramping ever since the 15th I think its been a while. Now for about almost a week im having a clear discharge.

If so it took me about 5 months to get pregnant getting off of nexplanon from 9 years . I wish you Good luck

Thank you. Good Luck to you :) On the 27th I will be 2 weeks late! I have never been this late and I have been having the discharge too and the slight cramps but I usually never get stomach cramps with my period so I know its not my period but my ob doesnt want to do a blood test and test keep coming up negative.

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