Please help me i am 16 and scared

Had protected sex December 7 got period around the 19th regular period, January period was on 24 or 26 idk im irregular, February i had no period maybe cause it was only 28 days and my periods are more like 38+ days ... its march 3 still haven't came but experiencing every period symptoms I usually get before my period besides the sore breast te doctor proscribed me birth control 2 days ago but im waiting on my period.. im really worried?? Am I pregnant? Has this happened to anyone before in February and they turned out ok??

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  • If you haven't had sex since the 7th of december then you're not pregnant you would have missed your periods after the egg was fertilised you also said that you had protected sex so I'm sure there's nothing to worry about unless I haven't understood your post.

  • Sounds like pmt symptoms to me not pregnancy if last time was December x

  • Thanks alot

  • Birth control? The pill? Well you don't normally have a period on the days you take the combined (oestrogen/progesterone) pill. You take a break after 4 weeks. The progesterone only pill can cause irregular periods. You need to read the leafletter in the packet!

  • Take a pregnancy test to find our if you're pregnant. We are not psychic!

  • Perhaps you could try being a bit more sensitive with your responses...

  • You should be okay if you don't get ur period I'd probably book another appointment with your doctor just to be sure but if you had protected sex then youll be okay but just in case ur still worried or don't get it book a appointment to see your family doctor :)

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